My name is Deondrick O

My name is Deondrick O. Mixon, I believe that military justice system main determination of this system is to provide military officer with a set of guided to promoted good order and discipline. Uniform code of military justice is a criminal law for the military with the principal purpose of maintaining good order and discipline in the armed services.
Credibility Statement:
The Marine Corps use good order and discipline maintaining standards in the military is important to achieving the mission. It is exclusive, and for respectable reason. The civilian justice system to apply the laws of authority and punish criminals, the military justice system is toward helping the military to thrive in its task. The Marine Corps officers set a standard goal so that every Marine can go by.
Relevancy Statement:
Justice is a Leadership Trait of the United Stated Marine Corps. Justice is reward and punishment giving to qualities of the case. The ability to be able to an organization of rewards and punishments fairly and consistently.
Preview Main Idea:
What is justice in the marine corps? Why does the marine corps use UCMJ? Why do the marine corps use good order and discipline? Justice in the marine corps give officer the ability to be a leader in a punishment, the ability to be fair, consistent and rewarding in a situation. The reason why the marine corps go by the UCMJ to promoted good order and discipline in the marines, and in the unit.


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