My Infectious human virus is Lujo virus

My Infectious human virus is Lujo virus. The Lujo Virus is a virus that is single stranded and from the Arenaviridae family. The Arenaviridae family is a family of viruses which the members of it are usually related to “rodent- transmitted” dieseases picked up by humans. This virus is not a very common one. A lot of people have never even heard of this virus before, me being one of them, until now. The Lujo virus is a “single stranded” virus. There has only been 5 cases of this virus. 4 of the 5 that had it died, the five patients that had it lived in South America. The source of the virus is not known. This virus was recognized in 1969 in South Africa. The Lujo virus is the second “African hemorrhagic fever” found. How it gets transmitted:This virus gets transmitted through “infected rodents” researchers say. You get it by breathing in a rodents feces or urine. The way they discovered it was how it got transmitted from person to person, and then they researched it. They say that it is most likely transfered through the bodily fluids of the person who is infected. How it affects you:How you know you have it most of the deaths from the Lujo Virus is from 10-13 days after they get it. The symptoms of the Lujo Virus is your neck can swell, you can have a sore throat, diaherria, a rash from the face to your trunk. Bleeding was not a feature of the virus. How to treat it: The way you treat it is basically like any other diesease or illness you have, you keep hydrated. You have to manage your shock, you also have to get a lot of sleep, because the more you sleep the better you will feel. They have pain relief medicine to help you get through the whole thing. Another thing that they can do for you is they can do a blood transfusion. Those are mostly not needed but in some cases you need them. How to prevent it:As much as everyone wants rodent control that is just a very hard goal to reach, so how you can prevent getting th Lujo virus is avoinding outside rodents a lot.
Try not to be super close to strangers that look sick or homely. Another way is to try not to use a lot of public resterooms and don’t use anyones stuff unless you trust them. History:In the past only 5 cases of the “Lujo virus” has been detected. It was identified in October 2008, and 4 of the 5 cases were deadly. Most of the people who had it looked like they were going to make it until they started showing signs of respritory distress, and other problems with the brain, and they had circulatory problems to then ended up collapsing. The first person to ever have this virus was a female and she was a travel agent who lived just outside of Lusaka. At first she just thought that it was just a fever so she just ignored it thinking that it would go away. Once they found out the severity of it they had her directly transported to Johannesburg to study and treat what she had. The first nurse that had helped the patient felt sick too so that is when they started to realize that it was contagious. Now if you get it you have a chance of surviving, but they were the first ones to get it so it was hard to know how to treat it. When they knew how to treat it, they helped the last person get healthy again. But 4 out of the 5 people died. That is basically all of the history of the “Lujo virus”.Overlook: Now that they know what this virus is and how to treat it, it is way better to get now then back then. I’ve told you the symptoms, how to deal with it and how to prevent it so that you know everything that you need to know about it. If you feel any of these symptoms, and you were by rodents, please contact your doctor because this virus is easy to catch and you definetly do not want to spread it. Even though there is a way to cure it, it is still hard to get rid of and it is a bad type of sickness. Don’t put yourself into a situation where you can get this and you will be good to go. Another way to prevent this is to wash your hands a lot, don’t share drinks, don’t go to the bathroom with someone who is sick, and stay away from weird looking rodents. Always be safe from harmful viruses like the Lujo virus.


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