My idea is to start a business that has to do with food products that will contain and have Nutella Cream as ingredient and supplement

My idea is to start a business that has to do with food products that will contain and have Nutella Cream as ingredient and supplement . Seeing that a lot of people are passionate for that product , and seeing that a lot of families have Nutella in their home , I thought to build a store that produce products with Nutella , everything with Nutella , and it will be named “NutelloMania” . Our business concept is to offer costumers quality services, serious approach and affordable prices. Our goal is to create something unique , that doesn’t exist in our country , that others will want to buy it . The business will be familiar , so we will produce the product in home , by our mothers , grandmothers , people who have good experience and skills in making these products , etc . And , the product will be delivered fresh and with good quality to the store . Our main is to sell various food products such as confectionery , bakery and pastry as:
* Nutella Burger , * Fli
* Sliced Bread , * Flakes
* Pancakes , * Ice Cream
* Waffles , *Biscuits
* Croissants , * Baguettes
* Cakes , *Crepes
*Pie , * Etc .
And we will olso sell some drinks that has Nutella in . You will get one of the best chocolate and nutella experiences ever .
At us you can find a nutritious , quick , and very sweet snack that would satisfy you . People usually will come for breakfast or some snack , or also can come for some kind of lunch . Since anyone can find Nutella anywhere in the world , also in Kosovo , this gives the product an ease of access to costumers .
The idea is to build a store that will have the shape of a Glass Jar , that will reflect the brand Nutella .
We thought to build two business premises , ( or Glass Jars ) from which one will be placed in the centre of the cityof Peja and the other one will move every two if not every month from one mall to another.
The good things that we have is : the quality of ingridients we use in our products , more reasonable prices , higher quality , more attractive products and services , and user friendly packages .
As for the start our costumers will be mainly children , youth , teenagers , then adults and those elders , they will be all Peja district citizens , since we are opening in Peja at first . Also the families as entire with good living status, that comes especially for breakfast . And in the long-term plan we will concentrate on expanding by opening business in Prishtina and Prizren . We will then expand with product delivery into schools and kindergartens and also some store that wants to be supplied with NUTELLA products .

As we know , marketing is a managerial and social process in which individuals and organizations receive what they want , and through creating and exchanging values with others . From the marketing our products we aim to create value for consumers and build a strong relationship with the costumer in order to capture value from consumers .
In the complication of the marketing plan we must have an advanced approach so that everything begins by analyzing the activity of the business with a special focus on the product , the clients , the competition and the circle in which our restaurant will conduct the activities .
So , we investigated the current situation in the market .
* The market definition that defines key market segments then reviews costumer and factor needs in the marketing environment that may have an impact on consumers .
* Reviewing the distribution that valuates recent sales trends and other developments in the main distribution channels .
* And competitiveness review, which identifies key competitors and assesses their position in that market as well as evaluates product , quality , pricing policy , distribution and promotion strategies .
The main target market are children , teenagers and college students.
The mothers who are deciding what to give to their children for breakfast and therefore they represent the most important target of ” NUTELLOMANIA ” .
Since all of our products will be made of Nutella , we will go after a small group of people who share the same passion for Nutella .
The business plan goal is to increase market share , to grow profits and being more innovative .
We planned to sell 500 units in the first year with the average price of 1.0 EUR with a net profit margin of 25% , and in the following years sales are planned to grow by 10-15% each year . A And in the coming years to open as many nutella stores as possible .
We will invest 7500 EUR for building the store that has the shape of a Glass Jar .
We can grown up our business ”NUTELLOMANIA” by promoting our business through new contacts and to learn key skills from other business . We are planning to expand our business by selling our bakery products to local restaurants or some café . ”Nutellomania” will deliver quality services , serious approach and affordable prices .
According to a short questioner I have formed , and some question like :
* Should we create new products ?
* Do you eat Nutella ?

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