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My Chosen PathPeople think that choosing their university studying major is a hard choice. Passion and goals are two of plenty factors to be considered when making the choice. I have made my choice to have the Computer Science as my studying major. I chose this major due to its significant importance to me and my country.Yemen is part of this rapidly-changing world. However, the use of technology in Yemen is not effective. It is mainly because of the underrated look of people when it comes to technology as just a piece of entertainment. I believe that the good use of technology could save a lot of effort, time and money. For example, the biggest public university in the capital, Sana’a university, is not using their website to help students. I personally had to go to the university multiple times to know about the term’s starting date, subjects, classes schedule and lectures times, which cost me a lot of time and effort. An official website could guide students from different levels to save time and money spent on such small queries. The government as a whole could make the use of technology in many aspects, such as: using electronic archives instead of using files, which can cause them to get lost. Computer-illiteracy is another reason for the ineffective use of technology; it is hard to believe that there are still people who do not know what computers are, while computer literacy could be a way to decrease the unemployment rates here in Yemen. The importance of studying this major to me is that this field is my passion and where I see myself working. In addition to the variety and availability of jobs in this field.Implementing what was studied to reality is the purpose of university education. Solving the problems faced in my society and improving the solutions is how I will implement my studies. Creating and developing programs capable of solving nowadays’ problems is my purpose. Moreover, I am intending to contribute in decreasing the high rates of computer-illiteracy among people here in Yemen.


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