* Multiple choice tests


* Multiple choice tests. This method ensures uniformity in the tests and removes the need for writing skills. It can be used to assess most subjects. As it is an examination it is a form of summative assessment.
* Essays. Essays often form part of a course, so assessment is a combination of formative (essays can be reworked and resubmitted) and summative (completed works). Essays may not suit all types of lessons but are well suited to many academic studies.
* Observation. Observation can be both formative and summative but is particularly useful as a formative assessment in practical or vocational subjects where the learning achieved can be monitored during a lesson and adjustments made to suit individual students
* Portfolios and diaries. In some subjects portfolios can be used to contribute to the final examined work, so portfolios and diaries or journals are both formative and also summative. One key point with a journal is that the student can assess their own work and identify weaknesses or strengths and monitor their own progression in their studies.
* Oral assessment. This can be formative, used part way through a series of teaching, or summative, forming part of an examination. Suitable for many subjects, both academic and vocational.

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