Mr. Holmes is a detective, and not just any, but one of the best in the history of the universe. Well this is what Watson views him as. He is a brilliant scientist. One could describe him as someone who is rational, logical, detached and observant. His extraordinary senses to see more into depth than anyone else has helped solved numerous cases. He’s taken the scientific method and logical reasoning to extremes in order to fight crime. Sherlock Holmes is definitely not someone you could describe as normal. He doesn’t fit well with regular society, he seems to have no friends or relationships outside of Watson. He often is portrayed as someone who is cold, unemotional, and almost mechanical. Holmes and even been described as someone who is downright maniac at times, a complete workaholic, an occasional insomniac, and can be moody. He does almost everything in extremes. Holmes’s desire for mastery extends to all aspects of his life. The man is a hyper-competitive and kind of an egomaniac. This can be observed in his


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