Movie broadcast. But how about his stammer? Could he


King’s Speech)

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King’s Speech is a historical drama film which relate to the true-life story of
King George VI’s hard work to overcome his stammer .The story began in 1925, at
Wembley Stadium, Bertie (King George VI) addressed public with strong stammer. Realising
that Bertie might face public humiliation, his wife Elizabeth arranged a
treatment with the speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who conducted treatment with
a set of unexpected techniques. Then, an extraordinary friendship developed
among the two men. Immediately, the story came to the climax on years of 1936.After
the death of Bertie’s father and his brother scandalous abdication, Bertie suddenly
crowned King George VI of England. On the critical time, Bertie had to make the
declaration of war on Nazi Germany via radio broadcast. But how about his
stammer? Could he managed to make the declaration? Or ironically disappoint the
public with a stammer manner?

   The King’s Speech had surprised me as typical
historical film is dull and boring but this film presenting the stories with
humour, warmth and friendship. The director ingeniously inserted the funny
factor to create lively and interesting film. For example, Lionel conducted a
series of ‘special’ treatment like relax Bertie’s jaw muscle by vibrating his
head and asked him bouncing to relax the shoulder. The warmth part was shown as
Elizabeth exhibited her support by stay around Bertie during every treatment. Besides,
director had focused on the friendship between the royal family member and humble
speech therapist. As a true friend, Bertie, a royal family member, willingly to
share his childhood trauma due to cruel punishment from his father with Lionel.

   Colin Firth played the role as Bertie. His
acting is so real and fantastic as I could feel how excruciating for him to
speak even a word. Due to his stammer manner, he was humiliated by his brother (Edward)
while argued about the insistence of Edward to marry a divorced woman. Besides,
his ample facial expression managed to carry out the stress, anxiety and
nervous at the shot when he addressed the closing of British Empire Exhibition
at Wembley Stadium to the public.

  About cinematography, I noticed there was a
cut to POV shot of the end of stair where Bertie ascended and after feeble red
light flashing at 0:03:55min, straight away to show he is now live on air.
Furthermore, camera man used very-wide-angle (APRI) Master Prime lenses to get
closer to actor’s face without cut the gazing of audience at 0:04:51min. Both the
POV and APRI shot is used to show the anxiety and restlessness of Bertie. The
framework in the first consulting scene where there was blasted wall against
Bertie, shown the silence and suffer of a stammer, whereas behind Logue was a
fireplace, picture and this showed the positive and cosy situation.

The setting of this movie
is quite suit the era in 20th century. For an instance, the opening
scene was filmed at Odal Stadium and 145 Piccadilly London where still remained
the atmosphere of 20th century. The 1937 Austin14/6Goodwood (car) that
fetch Bertie and Elizabeth heading to Balmoral Castle fulfilled setting of
story. By using real Harley Street, they covered all the modern lamppost and 1930s
advertisement on the Pullens building was used to set off the scene in 20

   To fit
into London smog time, special effect (mechanical effects) is applied to create
atmospheric effects like thick artificial smoke while at the Wembley Stadium .Moreover,
visual effect is inserted in order to create impression of a crowd. They set inflatable
dummies to fill up the terraces and the live actors were interspersed at the
scene in Wembley Stadium.

   There are lesser soundtrack effect as I
think the director wants to present a silence and grief of a stammer king.
Silence is the best voice to present the grief of a person. However, when
Bertie recalled the unpleasant childhood, the music (Memories of Childhood BY
Alexandre Desplat) perfectly matched with the sadness condition and make the
scene touching.

   As a
conclusion, this inspiring historical movie is interesting and worth watching
as the perseverance of the king to achieve his purpose inspired me and this is
the main highlight as the moral value. Besides the exquisite acting of actor,
professional shooting with POV and APRI technique managed to bring out the
character of the stammer king. Framework and setting satisfy the era of 20th
century whereas the special effect and soundtrack managed to give prominence result.
This film suitable as family movie because it is warmth, inspiration film
instead of violence, explosive, and sex. Lastly, my suggestion on improvement
is adding the analepsis technique. For example let Bertie recall the childhood
traumatic while delivering the speech at opening scene to elevate the anxiety
of Bertie.


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