Motivate – In the diagram to the left is showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Motivate – In the diagram to the left is showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it states that to be able to motivate someone to achieve the top of the triangle, the needs below need to be met.
• There are many examples how I have motivated my team in the last 18 months but when I first took over leadership there I started with the basics. This included showing my team my own motivations and enthusiasm for the role I play in the team and for the speciality of patients we care for. I did this by expressing my passion for diabetes and endocrinology and raising the profile of the speciality we look after. I showed my enthusiasm for work as soon as I stepped on the ward in the morning, walking in with a smile on my face and positive body language. I would smile and greet my staff positively. By creating a more uplifting atmosphere for the staff and leading by example the team soon started to feel more motivated. I continued with this approach and then introduced time to meet with the team individually to discuss professional development and a training plan to ensure each member of my team felt valued and that I had time to actively listen to them. I would organise team meetings where we could discuss things openly and in a more relaxed arena and away from the patient bedside.


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