Moses versus Martin Luther King Jr

Moses versus Martin Luther King Jr.

Moses versus Martin Luther King Jr.

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Moses who is one of the biblical figures exemplified servant leadership as seen through all his activities in the Bible, which is also the same for Martin Luther King junior (Meyer, 2014). Moses was a leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt where else Martin Luther King, Jr. was a contemporary leader in the civil rights movement fighting for equality between the blacks and the whites in the United States (Tenney, 2014). Moses and Martin Luther King, Jr. have similarities in their leadership styles, which focused on their followers instead of the leaders. Both leaders applied the principles of servant leadership by listening to their followers, which was important in identifying the needs of their followers (Tenney, 2014).
Martin Luther King, Jr. listened to the concerns of his followers regardless of how minor and unimportant, as people would have thought. His position as a leader was meant to represent all those he led regardless of their status in the society and his efforts were meant to benefit everyone (Tenney, 2014). This is also the same for Moses who identified the needs of the Israelites where he presented them to God. Moses was responsible for his followers regardless of them being slaves previously before Moses saved them from Egypt (Meyer, 2014). Martin Luther King, Jr. also applied servant leadership by focusing on building a strong community. This was achieved by solving and addressing the divisions between the community, which he led, and the whites who discriminated the blacks due to their skin color (Tenney, 2014).
Building a strong community is important in servant leadership as it helps an organization to be strong and empowered in achieving their desired goals and objectives (Tenney, 2014). Moses on the other side had also similar principles where he was a shepherd to God’s people by leading and taking care of them all the time he was leading them (Meyer, 2014). Moses encouraged the Israelites to be strong and courageous, as God had promised not to leave them (Deuteronomy 31:6). A servant leader is dedicated to keep his/her team strong by empowering the team members, as this is important in motivating the team in their performance (Tenney, 2014).

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