“Modernism themselves and their revolutionary work. It showed that


had two great wishes. It wanted its audience to be led toward a recognition of
the social reality of the sign (away from the comforts of narrative and
illusionism, was the claim); but equally it dreamed of turning the sign back to
a bedrock of World/Nature/Sensation/Subjectivity which the to and fro of
capitalism had all but destroyed.”


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is a term that is used to explain movements in Design during early 20th
century period, however I believe it can be broken into two principles. The
first of them been the break from existing ‘traditional’ methods and
principles, and the second; a move towards a universal new way for designers to
express themselves and their revolutionary work. It showed that design could be
relevant to everyone, not just a select few. This meant that a visual language
was created and that it was free of cultural allusions therefore it was
possible for people from all countries, social backgrounds and levels of

In the
following essays I will provide background
information of the relevance of modernist design and its long lasting legacy it
has contributed to the contemporary world of the 21st century. I
will also explain this
information in brief points of the major developments in the modernist era and on
how there still is an influence and connection between modernism and
contemporary design today





was a major break with the past and the search for new forms of expression in
design. It was a period of experimentation from the late 19th to the mid-20th
century, particularly in the years following the First World War. It primarily
focused on industrialization, rapid social change, and advances in science and
the social sciences, Modernists felt a growing optimism. Ideas in philosophy
and political theory ignited a new hope and began to search for new ways for
designers to express themselves.


Many new
Graphic design schools responded to the bigger requirement for the rise in
advertising and the   design of ads and
print resources. The first graphic design school, Bauhaus, was founded in 1919
in Germany. The Bauhaus design school was founded by Walter Gropius as a school
of design. As the Bauhaus was a blend of arts and crafts, its attitude back
then was considered as something completely new. The Bauhaus today is the most
important school in the area of design that existed. The Bauhaus survived from
1919 to 1933 and it is considered it to be the home of modern style in design.
The significance of the Bauhaus can still be felt today, truly symbolizing the
image of modernized styled design abroad and this was quickly followed by other
to set up graphic design schools around the world.

Also in the early 19th century saw the rise of
other ‘styles’ to assist?a revolutionary new culture, designers like El
Lissitzky and Moholy-Nagy rejected refined aesthetics in unconventional 


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