Migrants Commissioner for Refugees) gives a clear distinction between

Migrants from all parts of the globe have, for years now, been seeking refuge and a safe harbour in the continent of Europe due to the political and socio-economic problems that they are occassionally forced to face in their homeland.  Yet the gigantic numbers and huge influx of migrants in the recent past has given rise to the crisis situation in the continent that all the members of this council are now struggling with. People have fled their homeland in scores, with more than a million having seeked refuge in Europe over the past 2 years. The 1951 Refugee Convention of the UNHCR(United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)  gives a clear distinction between the asylum seekers and the refugees that have been granted protection and safety, and outlines the legal obligations the states are under for provision of asylum. The core principle is that of non-refoulement and hence emphasis is on the rights of the displaced. It is surely understood  by the house that citizens of states suffering from civil wars, terror and socio-economic and political crises are entitled to aid even in the circumstance of forced displacement, as highlighted in the forementioned convention. Yet the heavy migration burdens the smaller states, while many of the states that may be more suited to host the large migrant population are able to avert the obligations due to the Quota System in the continent, as well as the Dublin Regulation, that the Republic of Cyprus, along with all the other nations, abides by. While the regulations have been laid out in the best interests of all member states, as a member of the European Union, the Republic of Cyprus does believe that, as aimed under the Common European Asylum System since 1999, the provision of safe harbour to asylum seekers must be the shared responsibilty of all the member states of the European Union and the continent of Europe. The other serious issue is that of illegal smuggling and trafficking of migrants, as well as the lack of safety and protection to life in the dangerous journey taken up by the asylum seekers. Being situated in the Mediterranean Sea, the Republic of Cyprus is able to provide a means of transit to migrants seeking refuge in other member states of the European Union. Yet the large sea as well as many other routes  of transit pose to cause calamities en route. The Republic of Cyprus supports the NATO in its Aegean Sea Mission and  hopes the NATO will remain undetered in spite of the pressurisation by nations like Turkey, since the militization and troop mobilization is imperative for mitigating the issue of migrant smuggling and trafficking. Besides this, the alienation of refugees and their integration into mainstream society is a huge issue that needs to be tackled with an innovative solution, since it remains unaddressed in all the schemes that have been deviced to deal with the crisis.The Republic of Cyprus deeply sympathises with the seekers of asylum yet also empathises with the nations trying to provide them with a safe haven but being overburdened with the sudden overflow  of migrants, and hopes the council can come to a conclusive solution to mitigate the crisis by the end of the conference.   


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