Media. and how we can work with media in

Media. Media has become an fundamental part of our culture. It reflects our society and the way we think. Studying the media has been defined as the essential dimension of contemporary experience.The research  question being investigated is surrounding  a 2014 article in ‘The Guardian’ presented an attitude that labelled media studies as a ‘mickey mouse’ degree. This implication connotes a ‘cartoon’ element regarding the idea of studying media. This particular notion has sparked debates between students and individuals within the media and communications field.  Since the 1960s, media studies in one way  or another has been taught in schools, colleges and universities across the world. By the 1980s, text books were published on the subject, lending it some academic theoretical. A decade later, institutions of higher education had to fight hard to justify the subject’s credibility. It was in this same decade that media was appreciated for its importance. So much so that ‘The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’ (UNESCO) took a six year plan to ‘develop media education throughout the world’ On that account it could be debated that due to the way our we are evolving as a generation, it is identifiable that media will continue to play a vital role in years to come, furthermore questioning anyone that would belittle the subject as a whole.  Prior research suggests that organisations are reliant on media values. This is because organisations feed off information that is filled with statistics and a clear narrative, the continuity of linking it to current news stories . The skill of utilising visual imperatives for example, publicity stunts, organising campaigns, charities and businesses. Therefore this reinforces the value of studying media as it allows us to understand what is being said and how we can work with media in the future.  The mass media is an extended collection of media technologies that reach a large following through mass communication.   Over the years there has not been a movement to prove this theory wrong. However courses that revolve around media have been introduced for the last three years. In 2014, University of Manchester introduced the topic Digital Media and Communications, a course which recognises the conceptual and practical convergence, between the way we communicate with each other.


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