MARSEILLE live every time of the day. There are





Marseille is France’s second largest city. Marseille has the
largest commercial port in the Mediterranean. Marseille has a soft atmosphere
of the Mediterranean climate. Marseille stretches 70 km along the Mediterranean
coastline like snake. Sunlight is the most important wealth of Marseille.This
natural light inspired to several famous painter like  Cezanne, Dufy, Derain.Marseille has two
options for city tour.The first,go around the city by bus with 16 euro per
person.The second is by following the red line to walk on the roads.You can see
the entire history and sights of the city with the two hours tour of following
the redline.I suggest to those who love to walk.

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Marseille took the title of European capital of culture in
2013. Marseille is hosting lots of people from different cultural. Everyone has
a different accents. Marseille is the oldest city of the country. Marseille
square is live every time of the day. There are cafes and restaurants that
surround the port. Marseille has many museums to certified worth visiting. At
the same time France has the highest rate of learning.

Marseille has delicious varieties of fish.Marseille
soap or
Savon de Marseille is a traditional hard soap made from vegetable oils that has
been produced around Marseille. Its name is Bouillabaisse.This food is soup.It has got seafood. It’s just in
marseille and famous in the world. There is some water ,fish ,mussel ,potato ,
tomato, onion, shrimp in this soup.This soup is preferred for a long
time.People eat fish all the time in this country.Fish is healthy and it has
got much vitamin and protein.You can find fishes in several
restaurants.Marseilles people are almost add mussels in every food.Most people
doesn’t like this food.Pastis is a drink.It could be called french raki.It
color is yellow.It taste like Turkish rak? but it has got little
differents.This different is pastis softer than raki.







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