Marriage in 1856 and he became one of the


is a theme that can be interpreted in different ways. The definition of
marriage is the pillar to the formation of different kinds of small communities
known as family. For this reason, the concept of marriage should be looked upon
fondly otherwise it will be the cause of the fall of that family. So we can see
the tradition literally works about the theme of marriage. As it can be
imagined, through history, there are different viewpoints towards marriage. The
play is written in modernism because of its obvious characteristics in the play.
That in modernism everything changed and it was like the breaking rules of
tradition through the play Shaw effected by modernism and he gave the main role
to the woman in the concept of marriage.

    Section one in this study presents Shaw’s
biography and his style of writing regarding to the “Shaw’s concept of marriage
in Man and Superman”. Section two introduces the origins of the play and
the reasons behind writing the play as well as the plot. While section three is
about the two movements: realism and naturalism, which had a significant
influence on the play. And the last section discusses Shaw’s view on the
concept of marriage in the play man and superman.

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Shaw’s Biography and Style of Writing


    George Bernard Shaw, was born in Dublin,
Ireland, in 1856 and he became one of the Britain’s greatest and most
controversial playwrights. The Irish dramatist was awarded with the Nobel Prize
in (Literature 1925). In 1884 He joined Fabian Society, a socialist group who
supported working class, tried to gain the equal rights for men and women, canceling
private ownership of productive land, and promoting healthy lifestyles. The
socialist Shaw was a man of many foundations such as, main changes in the
voting system, the simplification of spelling and the reform of the English
alphabet (he created a new phonetic alphabet “Shavian Alphabet”). He always
portrayed his situations frankly and honestly, intending to shock the audience
with a new view of society. He suddenly found himself acclaimed as a ‘Second

 “I was always in the classic tradition,
recognizing that stage character’s must be endowed by the author with a
conscious self-knowledge …,a freedom from inhibitions, which in real life would
make them monsters of genius. It is the power to do this that differentiates me
(or Shakespeare) from a gramophone and camera.” ( al)

    He went on to revolutionize the English
theater by concentrating his writing on various social issues. Within his
writing, Shaw clarifies the modern moral problems and presented them unexpectedly,
depending on irony to display his opinion (Holroyd).

    Shaw’s writings were a Mixture of serious
topics and enjoyment. With combining philosophy and comedy he had built up a
large readership, especially in his 12th play Man and Superman that
subtitled with A Comedy and Philosophy (Holroyd). Discussing his practice as a
dramatist, he explained that the characters are more important than plot. As he
said “When I am writing a play I never invent a plot”. The focus on characters
and those ideas which are present in his plays separated him from most English
dramatists at the end of nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth
century. ( al)

    Through Man and superman Shaw uses satire
but in a humor way to attract more readers and also to show the social problems
during the period. Because only comedy is not too much attractive and the
reader will not be aware of the problems which are hidden with this comedy.
However, philosophy is not a good subject to 
attract the readers because of its complexity so he tries to mix these
two topics to deliver a special play. Shaw invented new and revolutionary views
about the concept of woman and marriage.   





The Background of Man  and


and superman is a comedy and philosophical drama which is written by George
Bernard Shaw in 1903. The play is four-act drama and it was written in response
to (Bingham Walkley) who asked Shaw to write a play based on the theme
of Don Juan. So Shaw at the beginning part of the play writes (Epistle Dedicatory
to author Bingham Walkley). Shaw regarded dramas in general to be something much deeper in
meaning, which is very obvious from the title which comes from Friedrich
Nietzsche’s philosophical ideas about the” Superman”. It is a powerful drama of
ideas; Shaw explores the role of the artist, the function of women in society,
and his theory of Creative Evolution. ‘which Weintraub, in new introduction of
his book states, this is “the first great twentieth-century English play”
and remains a classic expose of the eternal struggle between the sexes.’ (2000) 

to Lewis, the play has been written in the form of dream which was inspired by Mozart’s Don Giovanni that four characters from comedy transferred
to philosophy and there’s a debate about nature of marriage in the third act.
The importance of the play that makes it unusual is the Act III (where the
dream appeared) and it was performed separately as one-act under the title of
Don Juan in Hell.

plot of Man and Superman is about a Shavian love. Which is about a pair
that the woman (Ann) who wants to marry a man( Tanner), despite his reputation
as a revolutionist (Shaw published the “revolutionist’s handbook” presumably it
was written by Tanner in the printed version of the play). Even though Tanner
was a superman status in the play but in the end Tanner accepts to get married
with Ann because of his submission to the “Life Force”. (2007)




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