Many put into poverty because they couldn’t afford anything.

Many people suffer from poverty all around the world. In different nations people experience poverty in different ways. Some countries are poor to begin with and the people inside them struggle with daily things like obtaining food or clothes. Some people can’t get a job so they become  homeless and are not able to live a normal life. In World War 2 Germany experienced poverty because they had to pay for the damages done in World War 1 which amassed  billions of dollars. They started creating their own currency but they created too much and soon their money was considered worthless and many Germans were put into poverty because they couldn’t afford anything. ? It affects the accessibility poor families have to proper education. ? It affects health. The less wealthy you are lowers your chances of getting the health care you need.  ? It affects nutrition, poverty is a leading cause of malnutrition. ? It affects housing, many citizens are left homeless because they are unable to pay their mortgage.Entire nations are in poverty and struggling to pay for many things that are necessary for them to live like food and clothing. Africa is one of the most poverty stric? Some communities in countries are not being provided national income equally, because of this communities are at risk of going into poverty and more citizens struggle to support themselves. The African country Mali is an example of how wealth isn’t evenly distributed throughout continents.? Natural Disasters are devastating on a country’s finance, they cause the losses of income, homes, lives, and jobs.? Poor health leading to high healthcare costs can contribute to poverty. ken nations there is. In 2009 22 of 24 nations were  identified as low poverty were in sub saharan Africa. This means that almost an entire nation is struggling with poverty and it happens in multiple different countries.


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