Many believe school should just be for learning

Many believe school should just be for learning, but could you imagine going through school without the spirit sports bring or how it manages to reconnect the community. Individuals are considering taking away competitive sports from schools without considering how much its going impact negatively. Mentors such as Jay Greene professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas, Daniel Bowen a post- doctoral fellow researcher at Rice University, Donté Stallworth a former N.F.L player, and Kevin Kniffin who teaches leadership and management at Cornell University, all agree on one thing to preserve school athletics. Competitive sports should not be eliminated from schools due to the fact students learn the value of hard work and dedication that will help in their future workplace, it will also pressure them to apply themselves in school because in order to even play you must maintain a 2.0 gpa so in order to play you have to be academically eligible, last sports for students have many health benefits that guide them to a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, working out, and being drug free.


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