Main Street Gym1 Main Street Gym Brent A

Main Street Gym1
Main Street Gym
Brent A. Leachman
Fort Hays State University
Scott Biskie
Owner/General Manager
Main Street Gym
806 Main Street Hays, KS 67601.

785-625-9404/[email protected]
Main Street Gym2
Life is about living out your purpose and achieving your greatest self! Lifting iron provides me with a fortitude to face the world. Main Street Gym is a local fitness facility in Hays, Kansas. I been a member for a number of months and have learned much from the owner. Scott Biskie is the current owner and manager of Main Street Gym located on 806 Main Street Hays, KS 67601. 785-625-9404 is the local telephone number and their email is [email protected] He is a very friendly person and is easy to talk to. Scott was chosen to be interviewed because of his involvement in an admirable business, that supports the community and surrounding areas.

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Main Street Gym3
The interview was conducted face-to-face with Mr. Biskie, and found to be very worthwhile. Scott is the original owner of the gym, and has been managing it since he remodeled the entire building. He spoke of broken mirrors throughout the building, with glass on the floor, and a generally rundown facility. It has taken on a radical transformation since then. It is very apparent he has put a lot of time and money into his business. In fact, he calls it his second home. He takes personal offense when people do not rerack their weights; this took me by total surprise, but it makes complete sense.
Being the owner of a small business requires a range of skills and talents from handling the books, to being a janitor and cleaning the restroom. Maintenance is a major duty, and preservation the equipment is a continuous effort. Scott has hired a personal upholstery repair man to keep the benches in great condition. Electronic card entry, automatic billing and payroll are most definitely required to be successful in the world today. The general market for gyms in Hays is very small, at least in comparison to larger cities. There is The Rec, the hospital gym,
Main street, a new gym that opened in January 2016, and a handful of other health and wellness centers. He noted how some of the competitors didn’t have a college degree, while he personally has a criminal justice degree. Though his degree is in a different field, it helped set him up for success in the business world. Scott also offers a variety of classes that give his business a competitive edge. One of the major successes is his taekwondo class, that is a huge support to the community. It encourages everyone to exercise and learn self-protection.
Prior to owning and operating this gym, Scott was a taekwondo master, and taught classes for thirteen years. He has hundreds of awards and trophies, symbolizing his commitment and technical skill. There are currently taekwondo classes offered at Main Street, where a large
Main Street Gym4
number of kids are constantly found learning self-defense. His continued determination has helped him gain success in the fitness industry.
According to Scott, running a small business is very similar to managing personal finances. If one can’t responsibly manage a personal check-book, there is little hope for running a business. He emphasized common sense and supervising skills either come naturally or do not. This is in relation to a high number of college graduates earning their health/human performance degree but not becoming successful in the industry. “Motivational speaking classes should be a requirement, when becoming a personal trainer, or in the industry.” Degrees are very important, but at the end of the day it comes down to personality and ability to stand apart from the competition.

Mr. Biskie has been the sole proprietor throughout the existence of Main Street Gym and will most likely continue to operate in the same manner. It is inspiring to see one individual pursue his personal goals, and make a successful living. This interview broadened horizons on all the aspects of owning and operating a small business. Living in a global economy with endless possibilities, this class is teaching me how to properly prepare to enter the business world. The market is a different beast nowadays continuing to grow, and operate in more technical culturally diverse aspects. It is now more important than ever for Scott to continue successful business practices.
Main Street Gym 5
Biskie, S. (2016, February 26). Personal Interview.


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