Madness This novel interacts with mental diseases and describes

Madness revolves around how the society tolerates it and how it is depicted in people who are different. In Ken Kesey’s novel One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest most patients that enter the ward are in the state of being severely mentally ill or so they are told. This novel interacts with mental diseases and describes the mentality of ill patients and their experiences. He demonstrates this idea within Nurse Ratched and McMurphy’s behaviour throughout the book. In comparison William Shakespeare’s novel Hamlet uses Hamlet, Ophelia, Horatio, and Polonius– to describe the types of connections among people and how their mental stability influences their relationships. Although the society may believe that all people with illnesses are insane, the society and influences around them is rather what is causing them to have an unsound mind/insanity. Two of five people have a mental illness in Canada, one of those illness being caused by the influence of other people.             This relates to novel Hamlet in the instants of  Horatio is pleading with Hamlet to not go to the ghost, Horatio simply states that the ghost might make Hamlet mad. Horatio believes that the ghost is not Hamlet’s father in the form of a ghost, but saying that, the spirit is pretending to be Hamlet’s father. This is foreshadowing that once Hamlet meets the ghost he’s going to go insane and be in a world of madness. Hamlet tells his friends he is going to act mad but not tell them why but as the novel goes on the madness is an act of revenge to seem nonthreatening. Polonius asks Ophelia if she is the reason for Hamlet’s madness, after she tells him about Hamlet’s strange visit. As polonius starts to think, he comes to a conclusion that maybe the reason for Hamlet’s madness is because Ophelia has stopped visiting Hamlet, which frustrated love creates sorrowful madness. The real reason why Hamlet is acting out of madness is to disguise his mission to avenge his father’s murder.           In Ken Kesey’s novel One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest A character named Nurse Ratched is displayed as a mean big nurse who bosses the men in the ward around and the process of transforming the patients into obedient people who are losing their sense of sexuality, masculinity and  


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