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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, is a novel in which a group of British boys aging from young to teenage ages are stranded on an island as a result of an emergency landing of their plane. From the beginning of the novel, conflict causes tension between the two characters who represent civilization and savagery. In the early chapters of the story, the boys elect a leader. One of the main characters, Ralph, who represents civilization is elected as the official leader. This angers the other main character, Jack, who represents savagery. Throughout the book the two characters influence and separate the other boys while causing conflict as they continue deeper into the darkness of savagery. Throughout the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the idea of civilization vesus savagery is analyzed and shown.One of the first instances where the conflict of civilization versus savagery is introduced is with the conch shell. In the beginning of the book, Ralph is associated with the conch shell because he is one of the characters who finds it and first uses it. The conch shell represents authority and civilization. During one of the gatherings on the island, Ralph implies that ” He’ll give the conch to the next person to speak… he won’t be interrupted.” ( ) This quote suggests the idea of civilization because Ralph is allowing each boy to have a say or decision while using the conch. No matter who has the conch they have a chance to speak and to be listened to by everyone else. This shows how the island is a civilized place in the beginning when Ralph is in charge, where they show routine behavior just like if they had been at their normal home and not on the island. Another occasion where the conflict of civilization versus savagery is present is when Jack and the hunters kill the sow, which is a pig. While Jack and the hunters are killing the pig, Jack shouts along with others, “kill the pig, cut her throat, spill the blood.” ( ) This indicates savagery is present because the boys are being very aggressive, hostile, and violent while killing the pig which they don’t care about while they are doing it. The description of the killing highly suggests the savagery going on because Golding talks about cutting the pig’s throat which is an extremely savage action. Along with cutting the pig’s throat, spilling the pig’s blood confirms the lack of empathy directed towards the pigs remains. This more than less shows how the boys no longer feel guilty about what they have done to the sow which shows how they have become savages along with Jack.One final example where the conflict of civilization versus savagery is present is when Piggy’s glasses break. The readers are told how “Piggy cried out in terror ‘My specs!” ( ) In context, Jack and the hunters sneak out in the middle of the night, and steal and break Piggy’s glasses. This quote shows how Jack and his hunters savage nature overrules their civilized sides which can be seen in the beginning of the novel. Towards the beginning of the novel Jack and the hunters wouldn’t have had the nerve to touch Piggy, but this example shows how they target Piggy who they dislike, at the end of the story. It is clear that Piggy is very frightened because Golding writes how Piggy “cried out in terror” which adds context to describe and illustrate the scene. Piggy explains how he is terrified because he is unsure and scared of what Jack or the hunters might do to him without his sight, and also because his glasses symbolized intelligence which in context is essentially is gone. Without intelligence it is almost certain that savagery will overcome civilization without anything else in its path. After Piggy is attacked by Jack and the hunters.In conclusion, in the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the idea of civilization vesus savagery is analyzed and shown. One of the main characters named Ralph represents civilization and his beliefs of equality, and fairness. The other main character named Jack represents savagery and his beliefs of power, and selfishness. Shown through the boy’s actions Golding is trying to say that rules are needed and need to be enforced to have a right and just society.


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