Literature is one of greatest forms of art created by the human mind

Literature is one of greatest forms of art created by the human mind. The board definition of literature is everything that is write in some form, but there are a few points that make literary texts considered great pieces of literature. Each great piece of literature achieves these points through varies goals and techniques.
Great pieces of literature have been distinguished through points such as fictionality, specialized language, lack of pragmatic function, and ambiguity. Hamlet by William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest works of literature. Hamlet is a standard when constituting what literature is, through the use of a single theme to get his point across. He delivers his main idea through the use of storytelling and theatrical plays. This allows him to teach the audience a moral lesson. Hamlet is considered a great piece of literature because it contains the qualities of literary texts. Hamlet blurs the line between fact and fiction, allowing the fictionality of the writing to be a feature of literary text. The specialized language used in Hamlet allow for it easily achieve this point because the language is not used in normal everyday english


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