Linguistics is the study of language when it comes to its meaning

Linguistics is the study of language when it comes to its meaning, form and the context itself. Linguistics is divided into different number of fields such as about the history and its origin (historical or comparative linguistics); to establish theories regarding its functions and structures (theoretical linguistics) and how to apply the findings and concepts with its corresponding practical tasks (applied linguistics). Without the study of linguistics, these studies would not be possible to happen, and that is how important linguistics in humankind.
According to Lisa McQuerrey (2018), linguistics is essential for the teachers when they use language as a primary tool to teach their students. Also, it is important because it deals with the origin, word formation and most importantly, its application. In the same way, Fatchul (2008) stated that linguistics can help students to have a deeper understanding about the lessons, and will improve their comprehension about making their homework.
Similarly, Richard and Rogers (2001) studied about “Hermann Klinghardt’s Experiment” in which the students had been taught about on how to execute the appropriate English pronunciation in relation to its phonetic notation and proper speaking. However, Guy Cook (2010) argued that “for a language to be learned, a classroom should be taught by a bilingual teacher”.
On the other hand, Howatt (2004) stated that communicative approach in language teaching helps learners to engage themselves into group activities, in which they will use language as a medium of communication to interact with their peers. Furthermore, Breen, Hird, Hilton, Oliver & Thwaite (2001) pursued this approach when they worked from 18 educators’ records of their own practices and their explanations behind receiving them. As a result, they have found sensible agreement on around twelve standards, wherein assessing singular contrasts and making it effortlessly for students to recall what is being taught in the class. Nevertheless, communicative approach needs ‘a learner to know of what he is doing’ to adopt its function (Hunter and Smith’s 2012).
In conclusion, the data that I have gathered showed that there is significant relationship between linguistics and language teaching. Hence, humans cannot communicate without the existence of language itself.


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