Life best moment of my life, I felt special

 Life changes in blink of an eye, and first time I realized this when I saw my little pumpkin in my arms, in just a single blink a huge amount of eternity I felt on my shoulder and that was the best moment of my life, I felt special in every way weather its changing his diapers, waking up in midnight with his cry, sometimes with kick also (ha ha!). Life was beautiful, everything was doing well, but there was one thing which was disturbing me almost every day- MY SKIN.I always use to say perfect skin just sort of happens, no work is needed (Might be good genes of mine), but just after my first delivery I felt that in real world even perfect skin requires good product and daily work. However I was drilled with the importance of daily care of my skin at the beginning of my 20’s, but this time my skin was demanding something more. Life was so busy with my little one, there were so many demands from my time and it was very easy to get caught up in everything else, but I don’t know why I always wanted to be the best version of myself (Still I do believe) and one day I thought about what I want to achieve now and the answer was a little pampering to myself and a bit of my lifestyle changes. Here is how it begins: My morning routine has slightly changed, now I try to wake up super early (FYI I was never a morning person never means NEVER). To start my day with a cup of coffee I straight away walk towards the bathroom to take a shower in the morning which I felt is the best way to wake up and get ready for the day but just after taking  shower I have started cleaning my skin on daily basis (which was my weekly regime before). Well I always believed in the general rule of “thin to thick” meaning I applied my skin care product on the consistency basis, so thin product first and then thicker (correct order to apply skincare product is a crucial point, else you will not be able to achieve a desirable result even with your most luxurious skincare products).Cleansing  I started with my Gel cleanser first; as I have a combination skin with oil on my nose and forehead (T-zone), but sometimes when I does my nightmare routine and doesn’t feel much cleansing in the morning. I just splash cold water on my face and gently wipes out all of the eye boogers that crept up on me in my sleep. Next step was toing my skin.Toning I have been using a toner since I was a preteen (do I behave like an expert now? ha ha!).Honestly at first it was not really a decision, I just thought it was something that was done, like wearing a scarf while stepping into temple. Since then I have come to understand many things like toning is not the another thing but it’s a part of your cleansing routine.It’s like Saturday night party in your own house.” you could do it alone but what’s the point in that without your friends. Ask few of your friends or neighbor to join the party”. So pairing the right toner with cleanser is something which is imp to complete the whole process.Toner basically removes grime and oils, freshen and tone up your skin and maintained the pH level of your skin. Another thing which is very imp is; always try to avoid toner that has tough astringent as they may deplete our skin’s natural oil. I personally prefer to choose mist like rose water because they don’t contain alcohol or any other astringent.Serum After that I want to intensify the strength of my regimen with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin, and serum is the answer of all I want to achieve this.Serum is basically a supercharged, super lightweight moisturizer with higher concentration of active ingredients. I applied it just after cleansing and toning with one or two finger only and massage thoroughly into the skin.Moisturize Moisturizing my skin is the another step of my daily regimen (I do moisturize my skin even in summer when I don’t feel like applying any damn thing on my face) but before applying any other product on daily basis I make myself absolutely sure to pick one that suits my skin, I usually go for oil free moisturizer that hydrate my skin without making it greasy.Eye Cream And the last step (first time I have added to my routine) was applying my eye cream, I was indifferent about eye cream earlier, (might be because of all the damn tube which are so small that I tend to lose them) but this time I was pretty honest with my eye cream due to the legendary stories came into my mind that skin under your eyes are extra soft and thin which need special attention, love and care.So ladies this was my little session to pamper my skin little more and just in a month or so the result was incredible, problems like uneven skin tone, dull skin, spotty or patchiness, fine lines  all come to an end, my skin has never felt so soft.Now you must be wondering that how much time I took every day to finish this routine, so you will be surprised to know that this was just a 6-8 minute job (Yes I am not kidding).With this routine I am sure I am doing an investment for my skin 20 years from now.Hope I have convinced  enough to all new MumStart your day with little pampering and spend rest of the time with your little munchkin to enjoy your most precious time of your life.


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