Legault of the Philippines opened its Open University (UPOU)

Legault  (2015) defined e-learning as “the use of electronic devices (computers, tablets, or phones) to deliver educational or training content to learners.” e-Learning materials encompass a variety of products: digital reading materials, interactive tests, audio and video, virtual classrooms, and distribution systems for these content. e-Learning was first adapted in the Philippines as alternative learning programs and online corporate training methods. For instance, the University of the Philippines opened its Open University (UPOU) in 1995 to offer distance learning programs. Multinational companies introduced online corporate trainings in the country, but was quickly adopted by huge local organizations (Arimbuyutan, Kim,  Song, & So, 2007). Vibal was the first publishing house to bring e-learning into basic education with its VIBE e-reader and its accompanying bookstore (Dietz, 2014). Today, Vibal still has the lion’s share in the local e-learning industry, though many publishing houses have now followed its trail.Founded in 2014, KITE E-Learning Solutions produces educational technology resources for students in the Philippines. The company aims to empower 21st century teaching and learning by integrating educational content with cutting–edge technologies. Its stakeholders envisions KITE to become a leading educational solutions company for students and teachers across the globe (kite.ph, 2015). The company started as C Publishing, Inc.’s Educational Technology (EdTech) department, and is born out of C&E’s need to stand out from the saturated textbook publishing field. The original EdTech department used to hold itself well against competing publishing houses in the e-learning field with its e-textbooks, with its line of Filipino e-Classics, in-house e-book reader, and line of e-textbooks. Unfortunately, the department suffered from high attrition rates and frequent changes in the departmental roadmap and structure.


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