Learning teaching (Yan et. Al. 2010). This involves learning

Learning is a form of using ‘new or
transform existing knowledge, skills, or behaviors, which brings in change or
comes from experience or training’ (Pereira and Rodrigues, 2013). Learning
occurs ‘in a conscious or unconscious way’ through various
environmental aspects such school education, self – learning or other forms of
training. (Prince and Felder 2006, Leahey and Harris 1989). Learning is
a process that needs the involvement of ‘at least two types of actors,’ the
instructor and the learner itself (Moore et al. 2011). The process of learning
has evolved over time, from traditional classroom learning led by teachers to

the development of technology offering new ways of
taking in ‘information and knowledge’ (TSAI 2011). With an access to internet and
an ongoing development of devices, ‘quality and flexibility’ has become an integral
part of learning, providing an innovative platform called electronic learning
(e-learning) (Oliveira et al. 2007). Introduced in 1990, as a new kind of
learning, e-learning was a combination of ‘all forms of electronic supported
learning or teaching (Yan et. Al. 2010). This involves learning through ‘interactive
communication systems’ making the use of modernised technology that ‘includes computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, web-
based learning, or even digital collaboration’ (Svetlana and Yonglk-Yoon 2009).

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