King Abdullah Medical City Tertiary and Quarterly Hospital Located

King Abdullah Medical City Tertiary and Quarterly Hospital Located in Holly Capital Makkah in western region of Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, Provided high and rare speciality services for the region and Kingdome as whole, this lead the nursing administration to focus on advancing nursing services to cover all speciality with highly skilled nurses, fostering on providing high quality of nursing care.

An initiative of King Abdullah medical city to create a culture of nursing excellence by adopting the latest clinical practice and involve clinical nurses in more leadership roles to lead the practice which affects directly positively in our patient that we served.

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Current healthcare systems trends toward the patient’s outcomes in different forms such as patient satisfaction and high standard delivery of care. The achievements of such outcomes is a concern of any system seeking the highest quality of patient care and one crucial component of these systems is nursing care or nursing services. In order to attain the sense of the outcomes of such applications, different programs developed or investigated for the purposes of measuring the processes and outcomes or to maintain and develop the applicable standards. Nursing as a profession or as a regulatory body is not far away from such developments in this field and the focus is always on the patient outcomes. One of these programs is not deviating from such perspective but it believes in that nurses are the cornerstone of any system running for any type of excellence.

 “The Magnet Recognition Program® recognizes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice” (ANCC, 2016). This designation considered as a Gold standard for nursing practices and source of successful strategies worldwide.

The Program has given more focus in excellence in nursing services through the advancements of professional clinical practices (Brady-Schwartz, 2005). It is the aim of all nursing administration in health care institutions, by applying international accreditations to advance and maintain the high nursing clinical practice, and support the growth of the nurses in all levels and encouragement of using of nursing research and evidence-based knowledge in clinical practice. Magnet Program influencing on Nurses job satisfaction of nurses that leads for better productivity at highest levels of practices in clinical areas (Brady-Schwartz, 2005; Havens & Aiken, 1999; Lacey et al., 2007).

Nurses at Magnet hospitals Proved to have a positive perception of nursing competence over their work environments (Cimiotti et al., 2005), the impact of applying the magnet recognition program will improve the hospital environment to be more productive and the nurses will affect positively in job satisfaction. Such influence comes from f building a culture of shared governance in nursing, empowering decisions making at bedside nurses levels, and autonomous based on evidence Practices  (Hess, Desroches, Donelan, Norman, & Buerhaus, 2011),


The new approach in nursing management to promote the leadership skills for the staff and enhance the decision-making abilities for frontline staff nurses, applying and support the shared governance in nursing administration will impact on effectively in leadership all over the institution, in magnet hospitals had shown effectively impact on institution development  (maguire,2011).

The Aim of applying Magnet Recognition Program Model at King Abdullah Medical City to allow Nurses to lead culture of change to productive health work environments at all Nurses levels and Sittings, fostering on enhancing leadership abilities to control over their job in clinical areas, involving the nurses in Shared governance has impact on improve quality of care provided to patients (Barden2011). Providing extraordinary nursing care for the patients in their areas focusing on shared governance model at King Abdullah Medical City to allow staff nurses to participate in nursing administration decisions.


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