Kiera Luckett Molly Goodson English 1113 3 February 2018 Hi

Kiera Luckett
Molly Goodson
English 1113
3 February 2018
Hi, I’m Karma
Have you ever had a moment in your life when you were so scared to the point that you felt like your heart would explode? I always wondered how criminals and robbers felt and what was going through their mind when they were caught stealing. I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore because ironically, I too experienced it while shopping at Walmart.
Growing up, I always had a big group of friends. We would do any and everything together from sleepovers, to shopping, and even trying new things. As I got older, things changed; my friends and I drifted apart and I started to know who my true friends were. O3676650457200Luckett 1
Luckett 1
ne of my friend’s birthday was coming up and I was determined to get her the best gift ever, and what’s better than the one thing they wanted? This led me to my trip to Walmart.

After the last day of the week for school, I asked my mom could we stop by Walmart. Surprisingly, she was already planning to go for grocery shopping; luck was on my side. We headed there in the chilly weather all bundled up in heavy coats and fluffy snow boats ready to start our journey. I was so excited and pumped picturing what I was gonna get my friend. I could imagine her reaction once she see it; eyes twinkling with joy.
While heading there, traffic was very chaotic. I would assume I wasn’t the only trying to make destination too; cars were blowing their horns, drivers opening their windows yelling at the cars ahead of them, some even swore to the other ones. One driver specifically said to5221254400876Luckett 2
Luckett 2
the drivers ahead, ” Are you blind or something. You’re driving slower than my grandma.” The woman in the car he was talking about obviously heard him because she gave him the finger and drove off. That gave me a great laugh. ” Did you see what that woman just did mom?! Oh my god!”, I exclaimed to my mom. My mom as usual shook her head and mumbled her favorite phrase, ” These people need Jesus.” That just made my day even better and we carried on to Walmart.

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Upon seeing Walmart, it seemed so bright and shiny like the glowing halo I see in movies about going to heaven. Parking the car, we headed to the entrance while people greeted us kindly and gathered in huddles trying to absorb warmth from each other exiting. I was so excited and giddy I bet I probably looked like a crazed blowfish how big I was smiling. Deciding to start looking, I asked my mom, ” Mom I’m headed towards the jewelry section.5264150410633 Where you wanna meet up?” Mom distractingly said, ” Meet me at the produce aisle afterwards and be careful honey.”
Going to the jewelry aisle, I wondered what to get there. As if the universe heard my prayers, I saw this beautiful bracelet. The purple zipper was bedazzled and had three heart like charms. It was gorgeous. To make even better, the charm was a friendship bracelet with words: I love you, BFF, and Sisters 4 Life. I grabbed it and was just about to go back to my mom until I checked the price tag, it was $10 dollars more than what I had and unfortunately, the last one. I decided I was going to ask my mom but thought about it: ” I forgot, she only brought enough money for shopping and I know she’ll tell me to get it later.”
Everyone knows the saying, ” people would do anything for love”; well, I would do anything for friendships. Here I was actually considering stealing the bracelet and I know it was wrong. My hands were shaking and I was sweating so bad and the coat just made it worse. “What if I get caught. What will happen to me. I can just get something else. What would my mom say about this. I really want this bracelet but I don’t want to steal it. I cant believe I’m doing this. Jesus help me. Ugh.” My thoughts were so jumbled up that my vision was starting to get in and out of focus like a spinning wheel.
I decided I was going to do it but I needed a plan. Even though no one was around, I felt like there was eyes around knowing what I was doing. My heart beat was thumping in my ears and the hairs on my neck stood. I just knew that I would go to jail for this but I wanted to let my friend know that she was special to me. I slowly put the bracelet in my sweaty hands and cuffed it into a fist. I looked on both sides of the aisle to make sure no one was there and put the bracelet in my pocket. Just as I was passing one of the workers by the jewelry table, the intercom said, ” Need assistance in Fine Jewelry. Need assistance in Fine Jewelry. Thank you.” Another worker came and conversed with the previous one. I glanced at her and our eyes met so I quickly looked back down while walking even faster. ” Hey you, little girl.” I knew she was talking to me but I pretended I didn’t hear her. “Stop right there.”, the worker repeated. I stopped and I just knew I was in trouble. ” Empty your pockets.” I did with shaky hands and uneven breathing. I emptied them and viola, there it was, the stolen bracelet. She grabbed my arm and took me to the managers office so she could call my mom on the intercom, ” Tonjula Luckett please come up front. Tonjula Luckett please come up front. Thank you.”
As were waiting, I felt so much guilt and disappointment flood5281083423333Luckett 3
Luckett 3
over me. Guilt because I knew better than to steal and disappointment because I am better than this. I could’ve just got something else in my price range. Looking up, I saw the workers escort my mom to the office. Upon seeing me, her face had a look of confusion and suspicion like she knew something bad happened. They told her the situation and the whole time, she just looked at me with utter disappointment and defeat like she didn’t even know who was in-front of her anymore. That final look just tore and cut into my soul and I couldn’t take it any longer; tears fell from my eyes and it felt like a block was clogged up my throat begging me not to sob. I was in my own world of sadness but I heard little pieces of conversation, ” stole “, ” caught her” , ” incident report”, but the one that caught my attention was ” police involved”. ” I’m going to jail?”
The Madison County Sheriff policemen arrived to the scene and handcuffed me. While escorting me out, shoppers were stopping just to see what was going on. I heard whispering and saw them pointing at me. I was now a criminal just for stealing the littlest thing. All eyes were on me literally. After putting me in the back of the car , I was going over in my head if orange looked good on me. I could never survive prison. Fortunately, the men let me out with a warning. The officer put me aside and said,” You’ve5285118419100Luckett 4
Luckett 4
been let off easy this time. Don’t let it happen again. Ok sweetheart?” He was a very tall white man so I had to look up at him. His blue eyes and blond hair gave off a calm vibe so I responded respectfully, ” Yes sir”
As we were driving home, the car was silent. There was no music playing, no joking, or even singing. ” I’m very disappointed in you.”, my mom said. That was her final word: in the traffic, passing the bridge, and heading in the driveway. I just knew I broke her trust. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Never steal. If you want something, just ask your parents; it’s okay if they say no sometimes. Also, Karma always says “Hi”.


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