Kiera Cass, a wonderful author, brilliantly wrote The Selection

Kiera Cass, a wonderful author, brilliantly wrote The Selection which is one of my favorite books.This novel of approximately 328 pages was so good that I read it in only two days!       The story takes place in the Kingdom of Illéa, where the population is separated in different castes going from rank one to eight. The lower your rank is, the wealthier and easier lifestyle you have. America Singer is just a normal girl, in the caste 5, but she gets the chance to participate in the Selection, a contest between 35 girls which consists of trying to win the Prince Maxon’s heart and becoming the next queen of Illéa. America never wanted to be part of this huge event, but her caste is really low and engaging in this competition could give her the opportunity to go up castes and have a better lifestyle. At the castle, America isn’t like the other girls, she is rebellious and doesn’t really care about being the prettiest or the most popular one. Soon enough, she starts having feelings for the prince and he does too for her, but since many people dislike her because of her poverty, it is difficult for her to stay in the competition. His love for her makes her stay. Throughout the novel, conflicts explode between the castle and the rebels, a group of people who are against the caste and those rivalry makes her discover that royalty isn’t just for fun and how there is a recurring problem in her world: the castes.        If we take the romance out of this novel, we find ourselves with the theme of social status. How people are being categorized, how do they go up ranks and what are the reactions afterward? In the book, people are being placed in different levels depending on their ancestors’ jobs, if your grandfather was a businessman, you were ranked a 2 , but if he was a sculptor, you were a 5. Although in real life, it is a bit different, like in the novel, you don’t choose where you are placed in society. It is not something you choose. America never wanted to be a five, but she didn’t have the choice. We can also find that the way she got out of that status was because she was beautiful. Here what the author wanted to say was that to get out of your rank, you need something particular and mostly luck. Having a talent can bring you somewhere, being born in a good country can help you too. America got chosen, if she was ugly, would it be the same? And afterward, when she did get a chance for a better life, people were still judging because of where she was from, it is hard to get out of that shell, when you are born somewhere, it follows you forever. Like the rebels, people in our world are against social ranking, but it is inevitable. Kiera Cass showed us this to make us reflect on our society who is constantly categorizing people because of where they are from.                This book is very good, because of the many descriptions the author gives and the whole love story part which I am a big fan of. When I read it, I could imagine myself being at that place and living every situation that happened. The images created are so pretty. Also, I love romantic stories and this one was really romantic and special. The whole caste part is also very interesting, you actually realize our society is separated in a similar way, but in our world, we don’t actually associate people with a number. I would recommend this book because I think the love story is better than the Peeps’ one and it can open people’s eyes on the society we are living in whereas Peeps was more fiction and didn’t have a message to give.


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