Khadija Howze Howze1 Ramona Smith Eng Comp II July 7

Khadija Howze
Ramona Smith
Eng Comp II
July 7, 2018
Essay 1: Final Draft
College Athletes Should Not Receive Compensation Other Than Scholarships to Play.
It is definitely a bad idea for college athletes to receive monetary compensation for
playing sports. College is a place where students strive to earn a degree in their projective fields
of education. These students come to college from many different backgrounds, ethnicity, and
social status. However different their status the majority of them have one specific goal in mind,
graduation. Yes, these men and women go to these higher institutions of learning for the sole
purpose of getting an education. Therefore, it is the conception of an extremely bad idea for
college athletes to receive monetary compensation for playing sports while they are enrolled in
There are many reasons as to why some object to this idea of compensation. These
reasons also fall under several conditions. One such condition is the rising cost of tuition and
administration. Most believe that this will likely drive tuition fees to an extremely higher level
than what they are now. This in turn will likely affect matriculation for those less affluent
students who are already having a very difficult time staying in school at this moment. Another
point to look at would be how this will affect the faculty and staff. What would they think or how
will they behave towards having to educate a student being paid to play a sport while their own
salary may not be what it should be.
Khadija Howze
Ramona Smith
Eng Comp II
July 7, 2018
There are already too many red flags in our colleges today. Many of these red issues are
causing an eyesore to some of this country’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. The
primary causes of these red flags in college today is the fringe benefits or payment to student
athletes in our colleges today. The NCAA has set rules in place governing the compensatory
procedure pertaining to student athletes. Those rules are still in effect no matter the differences of
opinion. It is the rules and regulation that count. The play for pay issue is a negative issue for all
those involved. A college athlete cannot be paid for playing sports.
Another reason why colleges should not pay student athletes is that compensating
students for playing sports has the potential to lower the work ethics. The hustler now become
the procrastinator.
There is one other factor that would also be a reason as to why college athletes should not
be paid for playing sports. That factor would be that of extended privileges to the athlete that the
non-athlete does not have.
College sports athletes should not receive any form of gratuities other than scholarships and
such. There are too just many issues of concern for the college that might jeopardize its
established programs.
Jared Welch and Blake Marshall Two writers from the Utah Daily Chronicle, thoughts
were published in an USA Today sports article. The following is what they had to say:
Khadija Howze
Ramona Smith
Eng Comp II
July 7, 2018
“The first problem with this argument is that, while the athletes are putting their bodies
on the line, they are doing so voluntarily. No one is forcing them to participate. So the big
how do you expect to get paid for something you are volunteering to do?”
This is the scenario many address whenever there is talk about compensation
for collegiate athletes. Many propose that a volunteer is just that, a volunteer. There
should not be any obligated compensation for volunteering to do something one
voluntarily committed to do. The bottom line is that these players are volunteers and
since they volunteered to play sports the college has no legal obligation to compensate
them for playing any kind sports. The only compensation besides scholarships is that
which is already under the school’s policies and guidelines.
According to A. Nasir (Law and Leadership Institute) there is an identity
problem in this dilemma because it is unclear as to whether the athlete is an athlete
or student.
Lastly, there is the subject of what status is the college athlete assigned to that
makes him/her ineligible to be compensated for playing sports. The college student is
not a professional athlete who in turn gets paid for doing a job. The college athlete
does not have a job but is only participating in an extracurricular activity. Therefore
the status of someone enrolled in college is student whether he/she plays sports or
not. College student are not payed to go to school.
Khadija Howze
Ramona Smith
Eng Comp II
July 7, 2018
The sad part of this whole ordeal is that less than 2% of all students who play
sports such as football will be drafted (Denver Post). This percentage rate is far too
low for college players to be paid. College players should not be paid to


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