Kafka’s uses the apple to symbolize Gregor’s eyes were opening

Kafka’s uses the apple to symbolize Gregor’s eyes were opening, for he is no longer his father’s son, but his role within the family has diminished, “Patriarchal intervention has dashed Gregor’s hopes of reintegrating himself into the family circle” (Bloom 72). Gregor is exiled from his family because he is a prisoner locked in his room. Gregor’s family did not even maintain the cleanliness of the room. Instead, they started using the room as storage. Gregor’s mother does as much as possible to avoid her son. She can not stand the sight of him. Gregor is distressed when his sister tried to convince their parents that their duties were fulfilled, “I don’t think anyone could reproach us in the slightest,” (51) she then suggested, “My dear parent’s things can’t go on like this. I won’t utter my brothers same in the presence of this creature, and so all I say is: we get rid of it” (51). Gregor realized that his life has changed, and he is no longer useful but a burden to his family. Furthermore, the reality of the matter is in society, we are only significant when we are beneficial and dismissed as an insect when we are no longer needed or can contribute.


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