JUKI power. ? Juki sewing machine price list is

JUKI is a
Japanese industrial sewing machines manufacturer. But its quality products are
now available in almost all the countries with great customer satisfaction
results. It is specialised in manufacturing sewing machines for woven and knit
fabrics, leather and heavy duty sewing machines and also automatics. Juki sewing machine is a double needle sewing Lock Stitch
Machine. IIGM is one of its top distributors and agents. The model is LH-3500


Features of Juki sewing machine:

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?     It also has two types of oiling
mechanisms i.e.- Eco oil method (circulation type) and clean oil method.

?     This is a direct drive double needle sewing machine
that comes with an automatic thread trimmer.

?     Juki sewing machine has a semi-dry head to terminate any type of unnecessary
staining occuring because of oil release from the needle bar frame.

?     Only Juki manufactures the semi head
sewing machine and that too with systemized split needle bars.

?     The double needle sewing mechanism possess 2 types of needle
guides i.e.- a wire type and a round-hole type.

?     Juki sewing machine also has features like material friendly micro-lifter
mechanisms and provides increased material penetrating force.

?     The feed system is designed such as
to provide an easy changeover between needle and bottom feed.

?     The maximum speed that can be
achieved with this double needle
sewing machine is 3000 stitches/minute.

?     The thread winder is built-in in the
machine head. Juki sewing machine
guarantees high amount of energy saving and enhanced working ability as it has
a direct drive mechanism.

?     It is the best double needle sewing machine which works great for
professional stitching endeavours due to its accelerated speed and good
penetration power.

?     Juki sewing machine price list
is comparatively less in India as compared to other countries. 

?     It also comes with a warranty of one
year for any manufacturing defects.



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