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John Milton’s writings illustrate the era he grew up in and his life struggles and accomplishments affected him. Milton was born in 1608 in cheapside London. John Milton was born in London to a middle class family. He was raised in a  very cultured environment; his father was a musician and composer as well as a professional scribe. Milton’s father was also a deeply religious protestant. Milton’s education consisted of learning from private tutors in his own home until the age if 13 when his formal education began at St Paul’s School (Conrad et al. pg). Milton recalls that “My Father destined me, while yet a child, for the study of humane letters.” (Untermeyer 171). He attended cambridge university in 1625 to prepare himself for a career as a great poet. Milton believed that he was to be “God’s poet” (Conrad et al. pg). After graduation from Cambridge, Milton was “entirely devoted to the study of greek and latin authors” at his father’s home in Horton for about 6 years until; his mother died in 1637 (Untermyer 173-174).After the death of his mother, at 30 years old, Milton was looking to expand his horizons and set out for a tour of Europe, mainly France and Italy (Untermeyer 179). He was planning on staying on longer than the 2 years he did, but his trip was cut short by the threat of civil war in England and parliament rebelling against king Charles I (Conrad et al. pg). In England he took defense of parliament and the puritan cause, he was also a leading proponent of republican principles (Conrad et al. pg). He became a scholarly teacher and raised his sisters children; Edward (10) and John (6). At age 33 the private teacher became a public controversialist and started writing reformation pamphlets (Untermeyer pg). In 1649, King Charles I was executed by parliament. Milton later wrote a book called “The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates” to justify Parliament’s decision to execute King Charles I (Dzelzainis 296). After the growing popularity of his reform pamphlets Oliver Cromwell appointed him as the Latin Secretary of the commonwealth (Conrad et al. pg). It was in this job that milton became blind. His blindness was believed by the clergy to be a punishment from god for Milton’s hearsey while doctors believed that it was caused either eye strain, glaucoma, or syphilis (Untermeyer pg).


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