January there, I think Maw said it was called

January 12, 2018Hey y’all, I’m Wendy the Water Molecule. Maw says I’m headed on a big journey, that this bayou ain’t enough for me. She says that the sun is gonna heat me up and lift me into the atmosphere, that the temperature will be just too unbearable, and that I’ll float off as gas. I told her that I wasn’t so sure I wanted this, but she says it’ll be worth the wait._______________January 14, 2018That day Maw was talking ’bout has finally came. I got a fizzy feeling inside, probable the radiation from the sun. My weight started to vanish, I believe it was phase change #1, where I turn from liquid to gas. I was suddenly being taken up to the clouds, I was being evaporated. The view was the best I had ever seen, and I was in pure bliss ’till a frost came over me. I was cold up there, I think Maw said it was called . . . Condensation! It all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think about Maw, it was truly going to be the best experience on my life._____________January 22, 2018We was up in that cloud for almost a week, and it felt as though I gained another water droplet each second, and that god-forsaken pressure kept pushing my molecules & atoms together, condensing ’em. I’m starting to think I’m in the midst of phase change #2, since all that light, gas has turned back into liquid. I heard some other water molecules saying we was going be going back down to the bayou soon, that the bunch of us is gonna be precipitated down.______________January 23, 2018All of a sudden, that fangled force called gravity was pulling me down to the ground. At last I would be back to the bayou with Maw, eating’ fried sea chicken like we always done. Although, on the way down I saw a world of things I could even imagine; solid freezing to gas on the mountain tops, and plants transpiring. My mind was in a wonderland, but then I hit the ground. Some of my pals were sent into the dirt to become groundwater, but my li’l ole me kept gliding down the mountainside. I believe Maw woulda called me a runoff, headed back to our ole reservoir, or better known as the bayou. I couldn’t wait to be back home with Maw again, and tell her all ’bout my crazy journey through the hydrologic cycle.


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