Janie Joe was very controlling, she wasn’t allowed to

Janie is forced into a marriage
with Logan Killicks by her Nanny, she is tricked into thinking that she will
fall in love with him after marriage but doesn’t end up loving him at all,
after Nanny dies she decides to leave him for a man named Joe Starks. Joe
Starks is a determined man, he sweeps Janie off her feet, and she convinces
herself that she is in love with him “Janie pulled back a long time because he did
not represent sun-up and pollen and blooming trees, but he spoke so far horizon.

He spoke for change and chance” (Zora Neale Hurston, TEWWG).  This quote shows how wary Janie was of Joe in
the beginning, he doesn’t represent the pollen trees nor did he represent hope
(sun-up), Joe represented determination and drive, she chose to be with him
over being with Logan. Joe was a controlling and manipulative man, she ignores
all these red flags from the beginning and continues to convince herself that
she loves him. Joe was very controlling, she wasn’t allowed to express her
opinion, she is not allowed to do certain things. He was restricting her from
doing things. Joe and Logan are very materialistic and controlling, they wanted
to make Janie a trophy wife. They both abused her, making her a mule. Logan
represents how it was for black women in the past, how women like Janie’s Nanny
were supposed to be happy playing the lowest role in society, they were
supposed to be satisfied with it. Joe, abused Janie and treated her like
property more than a human.  The
difference between Joe and Logan and how they treated Janie, was that Logan was
a decent guy and cared for Janie in his own messed up way. While Joe was with
Janie from the beginning because of material things and his aspiration to have
a trophy wife. Personally, I feel like her being with Joe and Logan shows how
strong she is, because the same way she pulls through with Logan, she will with
Joe too. She is strong and deals with a lot of sexism and racism in her life
(from both of her marriages). 

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