It’s this article, the evolution of virtual sex. Cole

interesting how technology has helped society for decades, but it has recently
sped up the last few years. It began with women gaining the right to take “the pill”.
Contraception paved the way for independence towards women. Having the capability to
control when to have children is beneficial for women, since their ability to
have children and be a caregiver has been their ultimate goal for centuries. Surprisingly, not everybody is on board for
change. According to Naff (2017), “Conservative
religious leaders railed against the decisions, predicting a collapse of
traditional morality”. (page.2) They were right, but it has not hindered
society at all. Women went into higher education, kept surpassing each
milestone and on their way to be a majority of college students and in many
professional schools. To other topics in human sexuality in this article, the
evolution of virtual sex. Cole suggests, “Haptic suits will enable you
to truly feel their touch, the slight graze of a knee, a touch on shoulder or
gentle nudge. Virtual reality (VR) will soon enable people to conduct entire
relationships, from the first kiss to the final goodbye, in a virtual world.”
(page.5) The
majority of society in America know that distance
in a relationship can be dreadful. Also, work often prevent couples from
spending time with each other on a regular basis. Fortunately, developments in
intimate sex technologies are overcoming this need for affection. Sexual interaction plays
an essential role in human communication. Thus, developing technologies can guide
us to learn more about our own bodies and how to connect with loved ones. This will also help the people that have physical and emotional difficulties;
it will present convenience for sexual satisfaction that might not exist for
that specific group. Yet, the topics are still taboo and don’t gain as much
attention. Even though, society is engrossed by sex, we frequently don’t talk
about it in a positive connotation to start a debate. The objective is to bring
more awareness to how virtual sex is shaping human sexuality, so as many people
as possible can participate in creating a positive and inclusive sexual future. The opposing view believes
traditional values will be lost in the process. In fact, if technology
will go to the point of virtual sex, people will still want intimacy with
others. Despite the mass amount of technology of today and in the future.


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