It succeed in giving birth to a child ,after

It is no bizarre that in our society there is no place for a
“Barren Women” Taking account of past or of today , we ll witness  that according to our society  modus
Vivendi  of a woman is to produce a
child to her family and if she fails to do that then she become a subject of
derogatory remarks  and  she is being stated as a “witch” .

In our society motherhood is not just loving and caring
nature of a mother but motherhood comes when a woman succeed in giving birth to
a child ,after a birth of a child a woman is given status of a mother . If she
fails to bear a child but still holds motherly nature that is not what is
appreciated by our hypocrite society.

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In past there were many instances, where women were deserted
by their family people cause she failed to continue the lineage.  Couples who fail to reproduce an offspring ,
they often have to go through humiliation and taunting advices  not only from their aquatints but from  their very close kith and kin too and in all
this scenario one for whom  it is more
worst is woman cause if a woman do not succeed in producing a child to her
family then her family believes that she is of no  use and they see her as a “worthless woman”,
cause in the eye of society woman’s  modus Vivendi is to produce a child for
her family to continue the lineage  and
therefore if a woman  unable to get a
embryo  in her womb and unable to produce
infant for her family then she is being left in lurches by her family .

With the passage of time when technology developed ,a
miracle was introduced by the veterans in the field of science and technology ,
this miracle was nonetheless than “A BIOTECHNOLOGICAL WAY ” which help couples
to enjoy the ride of  parenthood .This
miracle is known as surrogacy in the field of science and law and as a blessing
to childless couples .

Surrogacy came into the existence cause of science and
technology and continue to be in existence by the law and regulations .Surrogacy
is backed up by law cause it become very necessary in the eye of law to
restrict the people from exploiting this procedure and overtly using it to
exploit another person’s living .



Word surrogacy was first introduced in the year 1603, it is
originated from the latin  word surrogates.

A standard definition of surrogacy is offered by the American Law Reports in 

the following manner:


” contractual undertaking whereby the natural or surrogate
mother, for 

a fee, agrees to conceive a child through artificial
insemination with the 

sperm of the natural father, to bear and deliver the child to
the natural 

father, and to terminate all of her parental rights subsequent
to the child’s 


The Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Regulation)
Bill, 2010 defines 

“surrogacy” as an agreement in which a woman agrees
to a pregnancy, achieved 

through assisted reproductive technology, in which
neither of the gametes belong 

to her or her husband, with the intention to carry
it and hand over the child to the 

person or persons for
whom she is acting as a surrogate.


Literal meaning  : One
that serves as a substitute .

Legal definition: One acting in the place of another ; one
standing in loco parentis to a child.

Medical definition: A woman to undergo pregnancy usually by
artificial insemination or surgical implantation of fertilized egg for purpose
of carrying the fetus for another woman.

Hence, Surrogacy is a modus
operandi or agreement whereby a woman shows her consent  to carry a fetus for another woman
/man/couples , who will be the newborn child’s parent(s) after birth.


Surrogacy is a big inventive step of a science, which helps
create life on earth and come out as a boon to those who are unfit to produce child.
It is neither ignorable nor deniable that surrogacy lit up the dark path of
those who wants to have child but cannot bear it. Surrogacy dawn in the field
of science during the period of 1970’s, when the first IVF got successful and
brought hope of in the life of all that somber life which were dark and morn
without a child.

It spread as a ray of hope in India when the procedure
became the successful practice in India with birth of world’s second and India’s
first IVF baby KANUPRIYA alias DURGA , she was born in the city of Kolkata on 3rd
October in the year 1978 . Science of surrogacy says that surrogacy is a scientific
and unnatural way of producing or creating an offspring and hence, it is known
as reproductive technology  , cause it
does not comprises of  natural way but
artificial way of reproduction by creating an embryo in laboratory using the
sperm and the egg of intended parents or sperm of intended parent and egg of
surrogate and the fertilized egg get inserted inside the surrogate mother or
the sperm is injected in the uterus of the surrogate mother and this procedure
is known as surrogacy.

There are two primary methods of surrogacy in vogue:

Traditional surrogacy :


Gestational surrogacy






Surrogacy vs. Adoption

For several a tyke is the most valuable blessing. The
individuals who can’t have this awesome blessing dependably feel second rate
and disappointed. A great many couples crosswise over world are confronting
embarrassment on account of not having any kid. Surrogacy is an awesome
blessing that would expedite the enormous grin their face. The advancement in
therapeutic science and expanded social mindfulness and acknowledgment has made
it well known and to an ever increasing extent couples are getting profited by
it consistently. The number is consistently expanding and nations like India
are turning into a noteworthy community for surrogacy on account of simple
accessibility of surrogate moms and lawful adaptability. While surrogacy is
getting to be noticeably well known these days, another technique has been in
presence from quite a while and that is selection. In spite of the fact that it
is additionally a standout amongst the most mainstream and all around
acknowledged strategies, yet surrogacy unquestionably has few obvious points of
interest over appropriation. Hereditary factor is one of the significant
motivations to go for surrogacy. The guardians are all the more candidly
connected in light of the fact that they have seen the entire procedure of
pregnancy also, labor. It gives them a larger amount of mental peace and

In the past it was accepted when a couple did not consider a
youngster all alone, they should swing to selection to accomplish their
parenthood dreams. This idea is currently calm out-dated as there are
significantly more alternatives for barren couple and in addition singles and
gay people who need youngsters. Presently individuals have the alternative to
seek after cutting edge fruitlessness treatment and egg, sperm and incipient
organism gift are never again uncommon, national and global appropriation is
typical and surrogacy is winding up progressively popular.Both of these
techniques are really having a similar end objective, that is, to give the
possibility of getting a charge out of one of the sweetest snapshots of life
for a couple who has been sitting tight enthusiastically for this for quite a
while. Surrogacy gives an open door where the couple can feel the obligation
and reality of childbearing procedure and that makes more passionate holding
between the guardians and kid. The way that new conceived In hereditarily
associated with no less than one of the guardians gives a sentiment comfort and
bliss to the guardians. They feel more closeness with the tyke since it is
organically identified with them. Gestational surrogacy includes eggs and
sperms of the couple and subsequently it is really their hereditary posterity,
created in an alternate womb. This is a genuine vibe great factor for them when
contrasted with appropriation where they are very little guaranteed by the
hereditary issues. The cozy relationship of proposed guardians and surrogate
mother makes a sound relationship and the advance of pregnancy and strength of
the mother can be checked effectively to maintain a strategic distance from any
confusion. The enthusiastic holding is more solid and firm.

Another most essential factor if there should be an
occurrence of surrogacy is that the proposed couple can pick the surrogate
mother that will convey the infant. This isn’t conceivable if there should
arise an occurrence of Adoption where there is no way of choosing anything
about the hereditary guardians of the tyke. In spite of the fact that selection
is definitely one of most astounding approaches to make the family and giving
complete unrestricted love and love to a youngster that does not have a place
with you hereditarily is without a doubt not a task. It requires extraordinary
measure of fearlessness and transparency of heart.

But, there are a few children who should be adopted. Society may make a
judgment that such barren couples would settle on that decision, in this manner
profiting both kids in need and society. In like manner, a state may conclude
that it is best that barren couples not be allowed to make another child by
contract, when no less than a couple of them may some way or another choose to
go up against a youngster in require. Surrogacy advocates harm their situation
when they boast that as surrogacy creates, it will come to replace adoption.
That would be an unmistakable social mischief. The interests of existing
youngsters in having families, and society’s worry that kids experience
childhood in as secure and adoring a domain as would be prudent, ought to not
be overlooked in the choice whether to empower surrogacy, in vitro treatment
and ovum/sperm gift. Infertile couple would contend that the opportunity to
have a “normal” tyke and a youngster as biologically associated with
them as possible, isn’t managed by reception and that despite the fact that it
benefits society more for them to adopt a current kid than to consider a new one,
the same is valid for fertile couples, who in any case are allowed to reproduce
without any limitation by the state. Also it is tricky to raise the necessities
of denied youngsters against surrogacy when we as a general public in different
regards take after approaches so clearly in opposition to their necessities. In
fact on the off chance that we gave insignificantly sufficient welfare for poor
families with kids with exceptional requirements, a national childcare
approach, a program to meet the lodging needs of needy individuals, and support
for battered ladies who would deal with their kids in the event that they
could, just to give some examples evident illustrations, poor families would
have the capacity to remain together, and there would be numerous less kids in
require of families. On the off chance that we gave free pre-birth care to the
individuals who can’t bear the cost of it, there would be numerous less
extraordinary needs youngsters. Society has a duty towards existing kids in
need, and it should practice that obligation, however it is uncalled for it to
meet its commitment just by exchanging the duty to couples who require
surrogacy to repeat. A restriction on surrogacy would not by any extend of the
imagination force a commitment upon fruitless couples to look after existing
youngsters, in spite of the fact that it would improve the probability that
some of them will do as such and that would be a piece of its motivation. The
major issue is regardless of whether it is reasonable so to ban barren couples
and ladies who need to be surrogates, what’s more important; regardless of
whether the necessities of existing youngsters ought to be given inclination or
whether the requirements of gatherings who might utilize surrogacy are more


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