IPhone has more complications in its usage more so

IPhone 8 is smartphone from Apple Company while
Samsung Galaxy 8 is from Samsung Company (McFedries, Tullis & Minatel, 2015). There has been a very
stiff competition between these two companies concerning market share of their
products. It reached its peak by the launching of the above devices. The tight
competition can come to an end by us, consumers reviewing the devices in order
to know which one is better than the other.

Hughes, 2017 narrates that the S8 relies solely on
an android system while the iPhone 8’s major platform is Macintosh. He adds
that for someone looking for the best android experience, the S8 remains the
best. The android Nougat system makes it easier to manipulate than the iPhone 8.
The buyer can therefore customize it depending on their needs, a feature which
is non-existent in the competitor brand, the iPhone 8.

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The iPhone 8 has modifications which appear as unique
and ideal; modifications that serve a certain class of buyers. For example, its
HandOff software makes it possible for one to type their mails without
bothering other applications which could be running (Hughes, 2017). Besides,
the device is easy to connect to a Mac desktop (not any other computer brand),
through which one may make a call. The main aim of possessing a smartphone is
to communicate; and for that matter, these features might not be beneficial to
someone whose main aim is either to make a voice call or a text message.

As from the above description, it emerges that the
iPhone 8 is a smartphone of people in the official class. McFedries, Tullis & Minatel, 2015 add
that this phone is crucial to those who indulge in official duties.
However, for simplicity, the S8 is the best. It satisfies the interests of a
larger population of smartphone users. Besides, the iPhone 8 is not compatible
with other Apple products like computers. This limits the users on where and
when to connect them with such systems.

In conclusion, with the easily customizable user
interface, compatibility with other computer systems and the ideal android
platform, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone 8.  The latter is has more complications in its usage
more so when it comes to connection with other computer systems. On the same
note, it is of less importance to those with non-official duties.


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