IntroductionThe through the difficult issues that faces in each

IntroductionThe most important period for the student is student life, the future of the student depend on it. If once the student mind is diverted once it cannot be changed, also the characteristic of the student formed in single way, so it cannot be changed so easily. If student receive proper training in their student life, they will be a good person in future. Considering the other hand, if the students do not receive proper training, they will not be good human in future. So it is very essential that student should receive proper training in their student life. One of the important characteristic of the student is student ethics and professionalism. The ethics can be described as concerned with what is good and bad right or wrong for individuals and society. Ethics do not concern about oneself it concern about something or someone that desires their self-interest. Ethics cannot be described as morality of some courses of action, but it’s also about thinking good about someone as well as it means to live a good life. Need to think about the method of ethical issues such as conversations and value systems, so that it can solve a particular problem. But later on when the things have been made clear, each person must come to their own individual conclusion as what to do, and then react properly to the situation or to the consequences.So ethics in a way provides the overall framework that can use to find the way through the difficult issues that faces in each life. Sometimes ethics doesn’t give people with the help they want. Also many people think that for many ethical issues there isn’t a correct right answer but  just a set of objective which can be applied to some cases to give the involve one with a few specific choices. So to be a good student or good human being a student should not be involved in ethical behavior such as cheating, disobeying the law, taking drugs etc. So student should be aware of the ethical issues which can harm them as well as the society they live in.Professionalism should go hand-in-hand to ensure that there is a proper learning environment in which everyone can participate equally and freely. There is a lot of example like every  student should respect the other  fellow students, teachers,  University Staff, guests and the visitors including those from other backgrounds and also with strangers. Need to behave professionally and show confident while he or she is attending the events of off campus following the Bond Law of student. Should participate in class positively for discussions and debates (for example as a good staff-student consultation, help other student and also in University events and competitions etc) without engaging in any disruptive behavior, bullying, racist, or with any offensive language or behavior. Use of encouraging word or language in oral or written communications which can include emails when someone is looking for assistance for something provide a correct, right interest, or record a concern etc. Student should turn off their mobile phone or to silent mode when they are in class or in any other activity regarding their study and also should not record classes without any approval or prior acceptance. Uses of  laptops or any other mobile devices which will access social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter  or any internet-based video and services which is not relevant to the class discussion should not be access on laptop, iPod or other mobile device. Properly use of Faculty facilities it is never accepted to occupy a room because it is open and empty, so need to make sure the permission is granted before entering the room. Leave Faculty rooms as it was clean, no eating or don’t throw rubbish here and there, chairs and desks in the correct place as it was. Need to be mature and professional regard and discipline and misbehaving or speaking harshly in academic place is not acceptable. Another factor which is very essential cheating and plagiarism is not acceptable as a professional academic student. Considering student Code of Conduct, the academic misconduct is very worse; it can lead to fail for a subject and also possible for suspension from the University. Plagiarism is also like representing as another person original work, ideas, words, or creative works. For a student cheating is not a way to achieve an advantage in any form of assessment.They also should know the importance of professional skills in communication as a part of a team. Most importantly students should learn and know about the workplace requirements of their specific course what they are studying. After completing the study, students should be able to understand what it means to be a professional and start taking responsibility to become professional.CONTENTUniversity students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the very best educational requirements of honesty and integrity. The acts of, or the intent to engage inside the acts of, dishonest, plagiarism, illegitimate ownership and/or disposition of examinations, and comparable acts, are grounds for suspension or dismissal from the University. Students are cautioned that plagiarism consists of any act regarding the presenting of the work of a person else because the pupil’s own, such as the usage of work authored by using a paid or volunteer character or agency contracted by means of the pupil. Students participating in experiential guides must adhere to all policies and guidelines of the precise institution, long-time period care facility, industry website, and so on.As University students enrolled in a professional programme in IUKL. As such, it is imperative that scholars conduct themselves in an expert way, each academically and in some other state of affairs wherein they are considered as representatives of the college and the career. It’s far imperative that IUKL students shall be of good moral man or woman and recognize a responsibility to take part in activities contributing to an advanced community. IUKL students should have being concerned for society have to now not be harmful, risky or negligent to the welfare of the community. Consequently, standards of professional and ethical conduct must had been developed as a guide for college students to prepare them to meet the requirements of the career of their subject.With all professions, it’s miles the duty of the individual to be aware about all relevant standards (including educational, professional, moral, and felony) and to follow them to the excellent of his/her capability always. No longer knowing these requirements is considered to be unprofessional, and does not offer protection within the case of errors in exercise or unprofessional behavior. Consequently, each IUKL students is required to become privy to and observe these standards, and adhere to the regulations and guidelines of the college, the experiential practice websites, and the career in their subject.The elements of the expert dedication required of IUKL students are mentioned within the Pledge of Professionalism taken through IUKL students, which reads as follows:As a student of IUKL, I agree with there may be a need to construct and give a boost to an expert identity founded on integrity, ethical behavior, and honor. This improvement, an essential manner in my training, will assist ensure that I’m true to the professional relationship I establish between myself and society as I end up a member of the professional community. Integrity need to be a crucial a part of my regular lifestyles and I should exercise my profession with honesty and commitment to provider.To accomplish this intention of professional improvement, I as a scholar of IUKL ought to:#Broaden a sense of loyalty and obligation to the career of my own field through being a builder of community, one able and inclined to make contributions to the well-being of others and one who enthusiastically accepts the responsibility and accountability for membership within the career.#Foster professional competency through life-long gaining of knowledge. I need to attempt for high ideals, teamwork and solidarity in the career so as to provide choicest affected person care.#Assist my colleagues through actively encouraging private commitment to the Oath of Maimonides and a Code of Ethics as set forth through the career#Incorporate into our lifestyles and practice, dedication to excellence. This could require an ongoing reassessment of personal and expert values.#Keep the highest beliefs and expert attributes to ensure and facilitate the covenantal courting required on the dedicated field for caregiver.The requirements of educational behavior, mentioned in the sections that follow, practice no longer most effective to IUKL students enrolled inside the professional field, but also to students enrolled in any of IUKL graduate packages. As such, violations of the Code via university students enrolled in these applications are treated in a manner much like that of students enrolled in the expert program.Examples of academic dishonesty:CHEATING:Use of unauthorized help in the course of recitation sessions, quizzes, examinations, or other exercise reports.Dependence upon the useful resource of unauthorized sources in writing papers, solving issues or completing different assignments.Acquisition or possession, without permission, of examinations or different educational cloth belonging to a member of the university faculty or staff.Similar submission of paper via a student that has been utilized in an equal or similar shape to meet any instructional requirement at the college or another exercise website.Provision of assistance to others who’re collaborating in the behaviors or activities cited above.PLAGIARISM/COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT:Paraphrasing without crediting the writer with footnotes, citations, or bibliographical reference or direct quotation of the paintings of others without making use of citation marks, and fully and well crediting the author(s) with footnotes, citations, or bibliographical reference.Use of substances prepared in collaboration with others without launch in writing from the collaborators replica of copyright, without acquiring written permission from the copyright proprietor.Webcasting/taping or e-mailing lectures without permission of the university member or trainer.OTHER:Different Falsification of signatures, transcripts, grade reviews, attendance data or other reliable documents.Provision of fake information regarding an overlooked exam or undertaking.Presenting a false declaration to any teacher in an attempt to advantage or exceptions reusing, owning, photocopying, selling, stealing, or soliciting.In its entirety or in component, of trainer-prepared examinations, lecture substances or assignments unauthorized for launch to all students.Beside the dishonesty here are some core value for student that every student should have in their student life and professional life also:Selflessness – Student representatives ought to act solely inside the excellent hobbies of the scholars of Exeter. They must now not do so with the intention to gain financial or different benefits for themselves, their circle of relatives or their buddies.Integrity – Student representatives ought to now not vicinity themselves under any monetary or different responsibility to non-students or corporations that could are seeking to persuade them within the overall performance of their reliable duties.Objectivity – In carrying out their roles, including the appointment of different college students, awarding contracts or recommending people for rewards or awards, pupil representatives have to make decisions on merit.Accountability – Student representatives are accountable to different college students for their decisions and actions and have to publish themselves to anything stage of democratic scrutiny is appropriate to their workplace.Openness – Student representatives need to be as open as viable approximately all the choices and moves that they take. They must be capable of give reasons for his or her decisions and limit facts simplest while the wider collective interest of the students of Exeter actually demands it.Honesty – pupil representatives have a duty to declare any non-public hobbies relating to their obligations and to take steps to clear up and conflicts bobbing up in a way that protects the collective hobbies of the scholars of Exeter.Leadership – Student representatives should sell and help these standards by management and instance.So in our interview we want to check out if the students of IUKL avoid dishonesty and follow those core ethical & professional value in their every aspect of life both in student life and also in their professional life.INTERVIEWTo know and identify the realities that lie within students ethics and professionalism, we select five(5) IUKL students for the video interview about students ethics and professionalism. Our interviewer ask them ten(10) questions about ethics and professionalism. Our questions and answer of the students are provided below ? What are you thoughts on morning classes?  Do you think your mind is fully operate in the morning?For this question most of the students answer positive, they think after noon class is sleepy and bored but in this case they think morning class can help them to operate their mind and they feel fresh, few students are think morning class depends on the lecture and if they sleep late they faced problem to wake up in the morning. ? Do you often absent from class ?According to our interview most of the students answer is no, but in this case few of the students miss and absent class often without any reason but they do not inform lecturer I think this is not professionalism and unethical. Most of the students mention that as a students if they missed and absent class they should inform to the lecturer they think this is their duty.? How rarely did you fail to submit assignment on time ?Most of the students saying that they submit the assignment on time, because the lecturer do not accept the assignment after due date. As student we should submit the assignment on time because the instruction is given by the lecturer. As well as they informed the student about the due date.? If the lecturer decide to a form  group with his/her own decisions would you completely agree ? And why would you say that? Majority students agree with the decision of the lecturer because students can able to work with many different kinds of people and they can share many variety of knowledge. few of the students do not agree cause if they work with their friend they think they can work better due to understanding.? The lecturer decide cancel the class and give assignment for the whole week what’s your thoughts about it ?Students think that the assignment should not be given for the whole week, because the might not understand the assignment clearly and might end up with less mark.? If you see that a student arguing with the lecturer for reasons unknown, what would you do and why would you do that ?No one wants to do anything as the students do not know about the reason of arguing if they involve themselves it will show disrespect.? You want to throw away the rubbish in your hand but the bin is full of until its top, what would you do ?They said they will look for another bin as there are plenty of bin in the campus to throw the rubbish.? Your friend ask to take a look at your assignment what would you do , why would you do that ? what if the lecturer finds out(if negative)? why would you allow your friend to look (if positive) ?Everyone wants to help their friend with the assignment so that they can understand the assignment and can do it easily but without copying the information that was written.they will try to hide from the lecturer.?What would you think of students ethics in IUKL ? what do you think creates the current ethics around IUKL?None of them want to reveal about ethics as they think that the question is inappropriate to ask them as they are a part of IUKL students and they feel it unsecure.? In your opinion how can students do to improve our ethics in university and college, not only in IUKL?IUKL should maintain some strict rules and regulation in the campus, cause some student try to disobey the rules so that they should be abided by the rules and behave properly and not to get involve in any kind of activity which may look disrespect as IUKL student.Conclusion In my opinion i think to know about ethics is very important and essential for the students, because  ethics is concerned about the moral character of human beings and also provide better thinking about moral issues. Ethics can help students to understand which one is wrong and right and also help to justify which one is good and bad. But now a day, the one who think modernly say that, ethics provide anyone not to conclusions but to decisions like whether or not. Ethics can help eliminate the confusion that arise and clear the issues. Later it’s up to someone to come to their own closure.  A student should maintain ethical responsibility like to not waste their time, effort on which is not really necessary for them as well their money. Students should not show any dishonesty in college, university etc, because it will be considered as non ethical issues. On the other side professionalism  is one of the important characteristic of the students. Being professional don’t only tell us about being decent and expert, but also like behaving in an ethical way for a student. In this area students should start to consider and plan for their future field of employment which they are studying so that they can be professional in that area. They should have contact with potential employers, who can help them to improve their ability when they will apply for job after they complete their degree and ready for work. Students should deal sincerely with human beings, which includes colleagues, teachers, college representatives and peoples around them. Students are predicted to demonstrate honesty and integrity for the duration of all aspects of their study time. In particular, students are responsible for: Understanding the styles of conduct which might be deemed unacceptable and, consequently, are prohibited through this coverage Refraining from committing any act of cheating, plagiarizing, facilitating instructional dishonesty, abusing educational materials, stealing, expert misconduct, or comparable sports preserving a “responsibility to record” every instance in which  students may also have understanding that educational misconduct has passed off; the students must report any infraction of the Code to a university member or to other appropriate authority.


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