INTRODUCTION to the students and enhance the education system,



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Because of the lack of
understanding of the technology on how it can be beneficial to the students and
enhance the education system, not all schools have begun to teach their
students about 3D printing. 1 Developments in the world of 3D printing Is
constantly changing and the potential it has seems limitless. In the past, only
businesses with large budgets were able to afford and reap the benefits from 3D
printing, but now the technology has evolved, and consumer-grade models are
available. They are not only affordable it is also easy to use. There is an increasing
demand for 3d printing jobs and there aren’t enough people filling those spaces
up. 35% of engineering jobs now require people who have knowledge on how to use
a 3d printer, companies are not able to find candidates with the required skill
set. 2 Benefits to having 3d printing knowledge as a teacher is that you are
able to bring any subject matter to life as a 3d object to make it more
engaging for your students.



The purpose of this research
proposal is to recommend to people that oversee education to take a second look
at implementing 3d printing as one of the courses students can take on as an
extra subject, also teachers could sign up for a course and learn about 3d
printing. It also discusses the benefits that come along with this implantation
as well as trying to get the interest of students as well as teachers to take
part in this subject.



The following methods will be used
to accomplish the proposed task.

Conducting surveys with students as well as
working adult to ask them if they will be interested in learning about 3d
printing if given the opportunity.

Analyse data from surveys

Reading and reviewing a number of research
papers on the benefits of 3D printing in educational systems.

Create events to promote 3D printing to the
public and students



The findings including the
following data will be presented to the team on 16 January 2018.

Survey results of people interested in learning
about 3D printing

Obstacles faced in trying to convince people
that oversee education to spend money on implementing courses for students and

Pros and cons of 3D printing


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