Introduction island has an approximate length 1680km of coastline




Coastline is the adjacent area to the sea; consist of soil, rocks, trees
and some other plantations. It’s the dynamic zone of sea waves. Changes related
to land shape at sea side known as coastline behaviour. It’s cause due to human
and nature acts in case of short term or long term such as soil mining, river
diversions, widening off shores, sea side’s constructions, monsoons, soil
particles properties and disasters like tsunami and cyclones.

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Coast lines are important because it’s a leading factor of changing off
shore characteristics. Sea waves are creating with the wind action and it causes
soil movements and it transport soil particles inside or outside of sea or else
along shore. This maybe breaking down or build up shorelines. This affects the
coastal areas residencies, hotels located at sea sides, fishing barriers and
aquatics lives. So it is necessary to take care about the changes of


Problem statement

of coastline behaviour in Northern Province by conduct a case study based on
analyzes the historical images of northern coastal area. Analyze of these
images represents the latest variation of the coastline of Northern Province.

Sri-Lanka is an island has an approximate length 1680km of coastline and
its change is a major issue to be considered in case of our country size and
location. Sri-Lankan coastal area divided into 70 segments and among this 57-70 is
belongs to Northern Province has length around 480km over the coastal area of
Jaffna, Mullaithivu, Killinochchi and Mannar.


Significance of research


Research is
carried out mainly about North coast of Sri-Lanka. While considering about
Northern Province conflict was there in past time, because of this no any
improvement at coastal areas. Now with the end of conflict, government planned
to do several development activities especially at north shore areas. So for
these future activities, assessment of north coastline behaviour case study
would be very helpful and give some ideas for developments.

Also this
research would be make easier the coast management, job based on seawater and
helpful to save the nature resources and other people who lived nearby  area of coast.



Scope of study


There was no
development activities take place in northern coast sides, because of the
conflict in those days. Recently it was come to end and several things planned
to carry out in the sea sides with an aim of develop Northern Province and
increase the income of country and number of tourists attracted to Northern
Province beaches. So prior to the development activities proposed case study of
northern coastlines is needed for this.

No one
specifically analysed coastal behaviour of Northern Province. But a research
conducted on the long term changes of coastlines for whole country of
Sri-Lanka. Also some research conducted in other coast areas such North West
coast and other country’s coastlines.

So research
about Northern Province is planned to conduct and it’s a case study of coastlines
in base of available satellite historical images about 20 years.

historical analyze is only based on the historical images of north coast only. It
can be done by site observations, survey from residencies of that area and
other facts got from several departments or organizations. Considering all
information give better results.




The case
study about coastline behaviour of north coastal areas based on analyze of the available
satellite historical images to observe the changing pattern of the coastline
with respect to time.




Introduction and background knowledge about research
topic is getting through literature reviews of several old research projects,
topic related books, articles and journals.

After got the perfect clarity with the topic and other
research works will started.

First images of north coastlines are download from
Google earth pro in kml format represents several years nearly 10 year time.

 Later these 10
years coastal images of a specific coastline are input in Arc GIS software and
changes will observe.

At last with the observed variation in coastline verify
the possibility for the future proposed development activities and if not
suggest some ideas to do the developments.




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