Into subjects for controversies. They were labeled as mere

the wilderness lies a community who once lived in perfect harmony until their
isolation was ended when a hunter from a nearby tribe stepped foot in their

the horror that struck them as they stepped out beyond their cave dwellings, seemingly
like lost strangers to an unfamiliar surrounding. Imagine the horror of their
first encounter with the other human beings aside from their co-tribe members. To
them, almost everything was indeed a new sight to figure out and examine. A
horrific experience that was somehow comparable to blind persons seeking for
light in a dark room.

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they were creatures who never ventured beyond the dense jungle they were
situated at. Back then, they were oblivious to the civilization outside. They
are called the Tasadays, gentle
beings who carry several peculiar traits, collected food from the wild, used crudely
hand-crafted stone tools, barely clothed themselves with leaves and have no
words for war and hostility. A living history right before us. Formerly, we can
only read about people like them in books and suddenly we could now view them
instead of just having speculations and assumptions. In just a snap, these
indigenous people living in a remote area of Mindanao have sent shockwaves all
over from the very moment Elizalde introduced to them to the world. The once
isolated are now unveiled. They were reluctant worldwide celebrities until they
became subjects for controversies. They were labeled as mere hoaxes. A Hoax, a forgery,
a figment of lies and fabrication, an invented Eden. Most people questioned
their authenticity. However whether they are authentic cave people or just
seriously devoted actors, language became one of the keys to this mystery. After
conducting various examinations of the Tasaday tongue, linguists have
discovered that it was a unique dialect of a certain local language called
Cotabato Manobo. If we see this discovery as a mere hoax, then chances are high
in which there would be certain ambiguities that will influence us to view it only
as a hoax. Only when we try to seek the truth behind that we will be able to see
something completely different. 


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