International crew of 6 members can live and can

Space Station (ISS)


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International Space Station (ISS) is a man-made satellite which was launched
into the low earth orbit in 1998. This space station is suitable for living where
a crew of 6 members can live and can be used until 2028. The low earth orbit,
having an orbit of nearly 711km, has an orbital period from 84 to 127 minutes. The
International Space Station has an orbital speed of 7.67 km per second. Hence,
its orbital period is 711/7.67 ~ 92.65 minutes. So, this makes (24*60)/92.65 =
15.54 orbits per day. With a length of 72.8m and a width of 108.5m, the ISS
weighs more than 4 lakh kgs making it the largest artificial body revolving in
the low earth orbit such a person standing on the earth’s surface can see it
directly with his naked eye. Many countries like the United States, Russia,
Japan and some European countries were a part of its construction. The
International Space Station is as big as a football ground, having a volume of
nearly a 5 bedroom house.


            The ISS serves as an orbiting laboratory for the
scientists as well as NASA to live there and for research purposes. The space
station is constructed in the space itself by arranging the parts. It is being
used as a space environment research laboratory to perform experiments in
almost all the fields of science ranging from human biology, astrology and meteorology
and even many other fields. The scientists use it as a home/laboratory to study
about habitable environment in space and working there.

            The main purpose of the International Space Station is to
conduct experiments about exploring other worlds and travelling there. It is
the first step, by the space agencies of United States and Russia, in
travelling to other places and for future operations like Moon, Mars as well as
asteroids. The International Space Station acts as a stage/base for the
scientists to conduct experiments in space which they cannot do on the surface
of the earth. This helps them to research on the benefits of the people for
helping their day-to-day life. The results of the research are called “spinoffs”.
It is also helpful for them to study about the concept of micro gravity and its
effect on human beings when they live there for a longer duration. Apart from
this, the ISS also serves as an observational platform for astronomical,
geographical and environmental study. It also aids for educational, diplomatic
and commercial services.















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