Instiruto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Liberalism and Expansion of the Industrial Society Maira Ruiz García A01284846 The influence of the Industrial Revolution in Monterrey November 5th

Instiruto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Liberalism and Expansion of the Industrial Society
Maira Ruiz García A01284846
The influence of the Industrial Revolution in Monterrey
November 5th, 2018
Industry in Monterrey has always been a special characteristic of the city, but how well it’s history it’s known? The development of this business can actually be traced back to the Industrial Revolution. That’s why, the proposal of this research paper is to get people to know the causes and consequences of Monterrey´s journey of becoming an industrial state, and how the Industrial Revolution influenced in the process and the causes of it. This issue can also relate to the social development goal number 9, created by the United Nations, which target is to update the technological capabilities of industrial sectors in all countries (UN, 2018).
The industrial Revolution is a wide-reaching phenomenon that started in the mid 18th century (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018). This process began in Britain due to the change to new mechanized processes. But why did it originate? It began due to growing population, then the requirement of products got up, the trade expanded, and technology improved (Franz, 2014). Producing transportation to develop, the growth of cities, and growth of migration (Franz, 2014).
The industrial history of Monterrey (1867), and the city´s large commercial centers are consequences of the Second French Intervention War from 1861 to 1867 (Cavazos, 1994). Previously, Monterrey dispensed out the goods imported to northern states of the country. According to Cavazos (1994) throughout 1867 the city suffered various significant transformations that are classified as the beginning of its industrialization. Monterrey started to improve the communication, develop agriculture and new industries (Cavazos, 1994). In a matter of two decades the city went from being a distribution center to an industrial one (Cavazos, 1994). But going back, Monterrey´s economy really started in 1820 after the Refugio port was opened. (Cavazos, 1994). Thanks to the location of the port, it was the only natural way of the Sierra Madre towards the interior of the country making the city a supplying center of the goods of those ports for all the population of the states of Coahuila, Zacatecas, Durango, Chihuahua and others (Cavazos, 1994).
The influence of the Industrial Revolution was widespread and specifically lead to innovative social, economic and political ideologies, along the lines of Conservatism, and Nationalism in a subtle way (Freeman, 2015). A political and economic organization in which people have control over the government and important elements of economy generally such as possessing factories in a fairly big way (Freeman, 2015).
In regard to factories, they were built in northern Mexico since the interruption of the Bracero Program, which used to offer hundreds of thousands of Mexican laborers a chance to labor in the Unites States of America. (Dorocki, 2014). The objective of the factories was to engage the Mexicans coming back from the United States to this fresh work opportunity and ease illicit entry to USA (Brzegowy,2014).
This impacts nowadays society in the growth of socialist movements, labor movements, feminist movements, and urbanization. One of the most important results of the Industrial Revolution was the develop of the middle class (Martin, 2013). As commodities turn out to be cheaper in consequence of cheaper and more efficient production of goods, citizens could purchase all they required and still have some money left (Martin,2013). As production improved, more factories were constructed, and better machines were designed and with machines that could manufacture and more workers, factories could now make a lot more than they used before (Martin, 2013). Transportation and communication significantly improved too. Transporting merchandise used to take months, today it takes days with roads, canals, railroads and steam roads (Martin, 2013). Communication also used to take a while to pass, and now you can send it back and forth with no time lag (Martin, 2013).
Population increasing, and industrialization transformed numerous northern cities run by Monterrey into engines of capitalism income and fabrication (Fernandez, 2014). Intercontinental borders were redrawn as soon as the war between the United States and Mexico, the north went from a “frontier society” into an “economically vibrant border region” (Fernandez, 2014). A member of the community states his opinion on the subject.

What do you about Monterrey´s Industry?
Monterrey has always been known for being an industrial city, in which companies of different business lines subsists. Monterrey´s Industry has always improved and has remained among the most important of the country.
How is the industry affecting the enviroment?Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest contradictions in industrialization, especially in the industries dedicated to scrap, which pollute on a large scale. Definiely, the industry has affected the enviroment, throught the the waste and pollution of the air, green areas, and dams.

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Has the increasing in the industry over the years affect pollution?
The smok has been increasing over the years with the growth of the population and the industry of Monterrey, due to the lack of recycling culture and the few measures against enviroment pollution that exists in the city.
The arrival of the Industrial Revolution in Monterrey brought urbanization, factories and a totally different economical system, improving the citizens´ living conditions and the air quality deterioration. To this day we still breath in the most polluted city in Latin America, brought by the factories that pollute

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