Information mother motivated me to go overseas for higher


Information Technology has
attracted many young minds. From an early age I too have had a keen interest in
IT, computation and its practical applications. Just like any other boy, I too
used to break open my toys, but what caught my eye were the parts inside them.
Hence my interest took me to non-medical stream in 12th standard and
now I am planning to pursue Diploma of
Information Technology from National Training Center of Australia.


I Jashandeep Singh is from an
environment which is a perfect mix and match of village, town, and a city.
People here are kind-hearted and are of helping nature. My village name is Wan
Tara Singh, district- Tarn Taran, state- Punjab.

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Academic Background

I did my 10th with 5.8
CGPA in 2015. After this, I have completed my 12th standard from
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Convent Senior Secondary School with 75% marks in 2017. I
did my 12th in non-medical stream with subjects like Mathematics,
Physics, and Chemistry etc. As I was determined to do my higher studies from
overseas so I started preparing for IELTS and scored 5.5 bands in IELTS exam.


Family Background


I used to belong nuclear family
consisting my father (who was serving in defense forces), mother, elder brother
and me. But in 2010 we lost our respected father, currently there are 3 members
in my family. My respected mother Mrs. Kulwant Kaur is also serving nation’s
defense forces and my elder brother is a student. Our financial conditions are
sound because my both parents were in government services from many years. My
elder brother and mother motivated me to go overseas for higher studies and are
very excited with my decision. They are fully supporting me emotionally as well
as financially too.


Why National Training Centre of Australia (NTCA)?

It is a Registered Training
Organization (RTO) and nationally recognized educational institute based in
Melbourne, Australia. It is known for delivering innovative,
distinctive and current industry-relevant training programs in the areas of
Information Technology, Business, Management, Marketing and Social Media
Marketing. It employs
only highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. Students from this institute have a
competitive edge in employability and practical work experience. International
students can access a world class education at an affordable price at NTCA.
This institute provides quality education with Safe, caring and supportive
campus and community life.


Why Diploma of Information Technology?


My course includes both Diploma and Advance
Diploma of Information Technology. First part of the course will provide me
with the skills and knowledge to direct & manage information &
communications technology support in enterprises. After this course I will be
able to identify client needs and can review client feedback and identifying
areas for improvement. Whereas,  Second
part will teach me high level information and communications technology. This
qualification will build a base core of management competencies. I will have
better insight of hardware and software resulting, recognition of areas of
improvement which is demand of each and every business and corporation sector
these days. After completing international studies, I will return to my home
country India which have much demand in IT field ,earning salary packages in
lakhs which is dream of everyone these days.

Scope of IT in my country

With the world going hi-tech, the increasing demand for IT
professionals is justifiable and being one of the well-paid sectors, it’s true
that there is a trend of engineering students choosing the IT stream. Career in
IT is considered one of the most high-paying jobs and is full of opportunities;
particularly when India’s ability in information technology industry is
recognized across the globe. Numerous IT companies from India employ huge
number of computer professionals in their Indian and overseas offices. 
After my qualification, I will be qualified for posts like IT office manager, IT systems
administrator, Systems manager, Business development manager, Software manager
and many more.

Why Australia?

Australia as my study destination
was not overnight rather I did a thorough research on different websites. I
chose Australia for my studies because of many reasons. Many of my friends who
recently been to Australia told me many wonderful things about it as they have
experienced a welcoming and multicultural society with a population that
originates from numerous countries. Australia has a reputation for being
amongst the friendliest in the world. The weather condition is really great. I
particularly liked the Australian education system as it provides more of
practical learning along with the advanced technologies. Also, teach students
how to apply their knowledge of course material to practical situations. It
provides the certificates which are globally accepted. The fee structure for
courses and living expenses in Australia is cheaper than other countries like
UK and USA. For many, Australia has represented a better study destination than
other alternatives like the USA and the UK.    

believe with this education, I will get a chance to sharpen my skills, create
new ideas will be self-sufficient. I would be very thankful if I could get visa
to fulfill my dreams. I hope that the application and clarification in this
application will give you the clear picture of my motives towards choosing this
course, country and my financials abilities. Its humble request to you to
please reconsider my application in positive light and give me a chance for
study in this land of opportunities.

In wait of positive response from your
kind office.

Name – Jashandeep Singh

Passport Number – R0831122

D.O.B – 01/07/1999





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