Information can be accessed by reading the books that are available

Information can be accessed by reading the books that are available, so this information could be accessed perhaps at the local library . Also information can be accessed from the care quality commission or the equality and human rights commissions websites as information can be accessed here and read, and they have multiple information sources that can be downloaded or printed off. Also information or advice can be gained from the courses that we are sent in from work, as we often learn about equality, diversity and inclusion whilst on courses.

3.3 Identify when to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

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Information should be accessed as and when required, however basic information should be accessed to gain knowledge when starting the job role and throughout the job role as this knowledge can be essential. I have just started my apprenticeship and I have gained knowledge myself so far by reading books, internet access, courses and other colleagues and I have accessed this because I have just started my role and I need the information to succeed in my job.

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