In this memo I will be comparing and contrasting two different websites which share similar subject matter

In this memo I will be comparing and contrasting two different websites which share similar subject matter. The websites I will be analyzing are The Merck Manual Professional ( and The American Cancer Society ( Although the content within these websites are somewhat similar, what makes them uniquely different is for whom the information is intended for.

Merck Manual Profession presents a wealth of detailed information for educational purposes on drug information, procedures, and exams associated with cancer. ßwebcitation As is evident from its name, the content within this website is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals or clinicians such as Doctors, Nurses, Researchers. Secondary audiences would most likely be students of those professions. Given the information contained within Merck Manuals is formatted in a scholarly fashion with dense technical terminology, it would therefore would be appropriate for someone whose background is strongly rooted in the health sciences. The Merck Manual serves as a valuable resource for these two audiences by providing factual information and as stated by the website Mission Statement, the goal of Merck Manuals is to “…share the best current medical information to enable more informed decisions, enhance relationships between patients and professionals, and improve healthcare outcomes around the world” (Merck Manuals Professional Edition, 2018). The overall design and organization of this website is modern and clean. The blue, gray, and green colors are toned down and not in the least bit overwhelming to the eyes. Drop down menus are easy to navigate and predictable. There is also not one single intrusion from advertisements.

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The American Cancer Society website primarily is intended for the layman audience with no prior knowledge in the medical sciences. The primary audience can be broken down to include people of all ages, sex, and races. Most likely that would encompass cancer patients, family members, or anyone wanting to educate themselves on cancer and prevention. That being said, this website differs from Merck Manuals because the information is formatted in an easily digestible manner. Introductory concepts include cancer, cancer treatments, support, and healthy lifestyle changes. Sentences are short and to the point while leaving very little opportunity of bogging down the reader with technical terminology.


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