In this ‘conflict’. The united states (US), the Union

In 1945, once World War II came to an end, the Cold War took it’s
turn. The Cold War, known as a world-wide struggle, affecting nations and initiating
political debate came to an end in 1991. However, a fundamental question, circulating
many discussions is if the Cold war in Europe was inevitable. Thus, this essay
will be exploring this question in detail, and offering a coherent debate on whether
the Cold War was foreseeable, while examining it’s causes.

To answer this question, we must familiarise with the origins of this
‘conflict’. The united states (US), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR) and Britain, three superpowers commanded post-war negotiations, which speculated
discrepancies between US and the USSR. Orthodox historians have insinuated that
the Soviet Union was to be blamed for starting the Cold War, ‘it’s imperial
appetite’ (Rostow, 1988) The USSR, was hostile during the blockade of Berlin,
as it enforced west berlin to surrender to Soviet rule at the time. This was an
act of imperative order to the US, as the USSR attempted to occupy West Berlin,
worsening relations between both superpowers and initiating the ‘cold war.’  However, others have agreed that the US, had
some contribution to these affairs. During the post-war era, the US prohibited financial
aid to the USSR, despite having the option to do so. This move, worsened circumstances
for the USSR as they suffered intensely during WWII. Furthermore Stalin, felt
the US had done this to weaken the USSR, thus causing failing relations between
the two and creating tension. Yet, it is clear it was ideologies which clashed that
caused the Cold War, both superpowers had different leaders, the USA believed
in capitalism while the USSR encouraged communism. The USA being a democracy,
and the USSR a one-party state worsened the tensions as it became a battle of
ideologies. Therefore, the constant competing of such beliefs, suggests the
Cold war was inevitable.

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There are various reasons, as to why the Cold War was inevitable. Both
nations, had a national interest of acquiring ‘political and economic stability
and dominance globally’ (Crockatt). The USSR, strengthened their supremacy of
communism, it initiated through Eastern Europe by 1948. Stalin ‘increased his
stranglehold over Eastern Europe through military intervention’ (Larres, p49)
in countries that worked with the Alliance supremacies during WWII e.g. Poland,
Hungry, Romania etc. Thus, indicating to the US that the USSR had colonialist
aims and goals to increase communism, which they saw as a risk to their
security. The US was not set, to see the chance for ‘future investment in
Eastern Europe foreclosed’ (Crockatt) In response to this, the west had to
react in opposition to the Soviet Union for ‘its own survival and national
interest’ (Lightboy) The US and USSR, resulted in a nuclear battle, as the Soviets
attempted to obtain their goal of becoming equal in power with the US.  Furthermore, the Soviets rejected the Baruch
Plan, which aimed to control nuclear weapon development, thus rising tension in
relations, as they were becoming more of an open threat to the US and their
security. The ideology of communism was further mounting in Asia, 


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