In the society we live in we believe that intellect exists in a scholarly form

In the society we live in we believe that intellect exists in a scholarly form. However, according to Gerald Graff knowledge also exists in being “street smart”. I certainly agree with Graff’s idea along with many other people. Growing up most people have witnessed throughout the course of high school , youth tends to be disinterested in the ancient literature. On the contrary, these individuals are quite enthusiastic if given a sports, fashion magazine to read and should certainly does not make them less intelligent or critical. In the essay “Hidden Intellectualism” Graff highligts his idea that being intellectual does not mean you need to academically strong in fact one can be intellectual in the thing they want to pursue. Later on, he explains why that is important.
Graff simply could’ve relied on facts to prove his point. However, Graff uses his personal experience to make his argument riveting. For example, as a child he detested to school, primarily due to the academic aspect of school. On the other hand, he highlights his love for sports. As he grew up in his society, having knowledge was clearly looked down upon and was a barrier to having a successful social life. People feared of coming across as “geeky” or “nerdy” as it would invite the bullies to thrash them. Therefore, it was equally important to having a balance between proving your intellect and making sure of not being beaten of proving it too well.
From this experience, Graff was able to conclude that street smarts are more powerful from the book smart. In fact both of these sides want to induldge in a conversation based on sports and entertainment. At the end, sports and entertainment unite the forefront of street smart and book smart. Subjects that are taught in a school setting tend to lose the interest of a student and Graff advocated that sports helped him participate in arguments,debates, problems for analysis and intristic statistics. All in all Graff wants the students to pursue what they are passionate about rather than what they are required to do and to look at that “through academic eyes”(254). This implies Graff’s idea pleasantly as it would give students the motivation to become intellectually involved with the topics that they are passionate about whether its sports, fashion, cars and much more.


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