In the short story A

In the short story A & P, author John Updike uses a simple incident and very rebellious plot based on the trivial fact of three girls who enter almost naked to a supermarket. From his position of privilege in the box, the protagonist observes the diverse reactions that the girls awaken among the public and in the owner or manager of the supermarket. The outcome is somewhat unexpected because Sammy rebels against the way the store manager treats the girls and makes an important decision that may impact his life. Many themes can be taken from this particular story. As a reader the one that speaks to me the most is the most obvious one of action and consequence. In the short story A&P, author Updike makes a very calculated decision. He creates a story told from the point of view of it’s 19 year old narrator, to reflect his immaturity, his character and wether or not he can live with the consequence of his choices.
As story begins, we begin to understand the main character immaturity through his own narrative. Since good portion of the story takes place within Sammy’s thoughts we can connect to the character at a much more intimate level. As readers this It allows us to trust what he see’s and his perception. Clearly we can tell Sammy seems very bored of his life. He lives in a small town where everyone knows each other. He work as a cashier at his local A;P store and as he describes it the story ” He sees the same faces over and over”. Sammy’s constant use of humor to describe situations and people around him reflects the character’s young age and immaturity.


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