In the films Mad Max and Wall-E

In the films Mad Max and Wall-E, a post apocalyptic world is featured in which earth is in a deadly waste land and is dependent of some type of balance to be restored. In Wall-E earth is incapable of living upon for humans and any other living species due to decades of consumerism causing the humans to venture of on a ship into space to live their lives off of nothing but technology. While the humans await in space female based robots are sent to earth to find any possible living plant so that humans can recolonize back on earth. The film Mad Max is similar to Wall-E but their post apocalyptic world has a energy crisis that puts everyone in a battle for natural resources. Essentially men are in control of these worlds and seem to be the cause for the destruction in each of these films as the women are seen closer to nature and ultimately are the solution to restore order back into the society and take the lead while the male figures are challenged in taking a different role then being the lead savior while still contributing to the mission.


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