In the book “Wonder”

In the book “Wonder”, it demonstrates external conflict between Jack and Julian. “We could have been partners. You don’t have to be friends with that freak if you don’t want to be, you know….” And that’s when I punched him. Right in the mouth”-R.J palacio page.154 . This quotation shows external conflict, when Jack punches Julian. A brief explanation of the context is that Jack and Auggie were assigned as partners, for a science project. Julian tried to make Ms. Rubin switch partners with him and Auggie, so he can be with Jack. Jack refused the request because he wants to be partners with Auggie. Jack heads out, Julian catched up to him and asked him why, telling him that he doesn’t have to be friends with the freak/Auggie. Suddenly, Jack punches Julian right in the mouth. I infer that Jack punched Julian because without a doubt Jack didn’t appreciate Julian calling Auggie a freak and how others treat him. Jack sees Auggie as a cool and chill, loving friend but to others, he’s a monster, a freak, but Jack just wants to help and be friends with him, yet he wants others to understand and help Auggie. It’s Already hard enough for Auggie to deal with the new environment and now he has to deal with the bullying, and Julian is just making it worse for Auggie, everytime Jack has to deal with another one of Julian’s sadistic remark about Auggie. Causing Jack to feel Guilt for being a Coward and the anger from the non-stop teasing from Julian. Jack makes out Julian as a person, who doesn’t have a kind and a decent loving heart, furthermore he doesn’t deserve any kindness or sympathy from others. He hasn’t endured what Auggie had to experience, so he has no right to call Auggie a freak or any other sadistic names. All that built up anger and guilt was pushed over the edge, when Jack heard the word freak coming out of Julian, the words “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL HIM THAT” blasted out from Jack, in the form of a impassioned punch. Overall, this is why the conflict between Jack and Julian is so important, and If you were in Jack’s shoes, how would you feel and deal with this conflict.


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